6 month 1:1 soul purpose coaching program

This is a call to all heart-centered Entrepreneurs, Healers, Coaches, Visionaries, Artists, and Lightworkers (or aspiring ones)…

It’s time to shine your light.

as a conscious creative you’ve:

Come alive when you’re living from your passion.
Feel called to share your gifts.
Have a dream that can positively impact others.

And you know you’re meant for more…

You’re ready to claim your power

as you fully step into your purpose

You dream of…

Turning your passion into your life’s work.

• Designing a life around being YOU and doing what you love.

 Feeling fulfilled, confident and free

 Being of service from your heart.

 Sharing yourself authentically with the world.

And YES- you absolutely CAN follow your true path. You were born for this.


but first, let’s look at what might be getting in the way

(Because if it were that “easy”… you’d already be living your purpose.)

So, what’s stopping you?

Here are a few of the biggest blocks I see that hold women back from living their purpose:

Holding back on taking action towards making your dreams a reality because it’s uncomfortable.

Self-judgement and comparison…

Thinking you “should” be somewhere else by now, and being hard on yourself.

Fear of the Unknown…
Not knowing what direction to take, so staying stuck in analysis paralysis and playing safe. 

Limiting Beliefs…
Unconscious stories you tell yourself that limit abundance and positive experiences.

 A Disempowered Mindset…
Thinking that life is happening “to you” not “for you”.

Unhealed Wounds…

Old emotional pain + trauma stored in the body that keeps attracting experiences to heal it.

Sound familiar? I know it’s not easy to look at…

but your old self isn’t GUNNA getcha WHERE YA WANNA GO

There’s another way through this phase though.

You’ve been guided here for a reason. You’re in the right place.

You’re ready get the tools, inspiration, and practices you need to heal and level up. So that you can feel clear, empowered and aligned with your purpose – and get back to creating the life of your dreams from a whole new version of you!

And here’s how I can help…

I created this coaching program to help you get back into the flow and create with ease.

It’s designed to help creatives like you peel back the inner layers of limitation and find clarity in who you are and what you really want.

Then pull out your inner wisdom to help you create a strategy from your soul, and take inspired action from your intuition.

While doing the work to build your dreams from a place of self-care, magnetism, and joyful ease.

you’Ve heard the call to rise and your time is now


 Getting clear on where you’re heading –  and having a plan of action that excites you (that you can handle)!

 Having simple and easy tools that will support you emotionally, spiritually and mentally to change your daily life. 

 Facing your fears and moving through them will grace – so they won’t ever stop you again!

 Knowing exactly what you need to thrive, and having more pleasure, self-care, and ease in your life.

 Building confidence in yourself and feeling worthy to receive unexpected blessings (and magnetizing desires to you effortlessly).

 Owning your gifts, knowing who you want to be and embodying your highest self.

 Knowing you’re a badass that can handle anything, and feeling empowered to create your dreams.


That’s what the Your Aligned Life is all about.

but it’s you who must take the first step

This program is about awakening the hidden power and wisdom already within you – and helping you take action towards The Calling that you find in your own heart.

Are you ready to say YES to your soul?

Click the button below to begin rising into your power now.

Amy will give you the space, tools and knowledge required to deep dive into self, heal from the inside out and watch how that process transforms your entire life. The relationship I have with myself is now saturated in love and compassion, instead of judging and condoning my human experience.

Britannia Willes, Entrepreneur at Unpacked Shopping

I was feeling really stuck around who I want to be serving as well as being visible on social media.
The powerful inner work that I did with Amy helped to illuminate and release the patterns that were keeping me stuck. Afterwards, I feel SO much more free to create content and reach my ideal clients! 
I would recommend Amy to anyone who is ready to overcome the internal challenges that are stopping them from unapologetically expressing themselves in the world. 
Stacy Michelle, Sex and Intimacy Coach

A new journey of art, self expression, and connection to my higher self is set out in front of me. I’ve been inspired to channel my creativity to create something beautiful for myself, as I share it with the world. I would definitely recommend Amy to anyone who is currently feeling lost or disconnected from themselves or their life purpose.
Haley Jane

here’s how it works

 Your Aligned Life is a 6 month 1:1 Life Coaching Program which is based on my Radical R.E.V.I.V.A.L. Manifestation Method (Rest. Express. Voice. Intend. Visualize. Action. Let go + Live it.) broken down into 4 simple foundational stages that will come up in cycles throughout your journey.

Every other week you’ll receive a 60 min custom coaching session to explore any challenges you’re facing, and discover which stage can support you in getting “unstuck” so you can move forward.

This program is built on the foundational beliefs that you can change your external world by changing within first, which comes from the quantum science model of reality, neuroscience and many ancient mystical traditions.

And that all the answers you need are already inside of yourself… you just need to peel back the onion a few layers to find clarity.

It blends together the best of both worlds; emotional healing plus a plan of action, to help you quickly get back into alignment with your purpose and feel inspired and fullfilled.

what’s included?

This program is so much more than just “tips and tools” and is not based on giving advice. It’s a guided journey into the deepest parts of yourself so that you can overcome your blocks and feel crystal clear on your next steps of your purpose.

Who you will become as a result of doing this inner work will ripple out into all areas of your life! Your relationships, health, wealth, and quality of life will improve because you will be living as a new empowered version of yourself, that is alive and in flow with life.

And that level of transformation isn’t measurable in “how many hours will I get, and what bells and whistles are there?” But since it’s nice to know how you’ll be guided through this journey… here’s a peak inside the Your Aligned Life!

12 custom coaching sessions

60 mins recorded video calls

Tailored-to-you coaching to guide you through the emotional, energetic, and mental clearing to unblock your flow of abundance, creativity and clarity.


custom homework:

meditations, writing prompts + audio practices

Each session will reveal the next steps your soul wants you to take. And together we will explore the best at home practices and actions you can work on to integrate the session’s take-aways into your life.


email + whatsapp coaching

Between sessions you’ll have access to me via Email + Whatsapp Voice Notes for additional support and accountability. This means if you feel stuck or need some instant support, then you have a hot line the moment something comes up.


meet your coach

hey there,

Amy Meraki here, your fellow soul sister and creative.

I’ve been geeking out on personal development, transformation, and healing since my dad died when I 16.

Since then I’ve been seeking wisdom and purpose and in my life, and it’s evolved sooooo many times (as have I). From being a professional go-go dancer to coaching women around sexual empowerment + self-love, to now teaching spiritual healing and manifestation to help #bossbabes follow their own unique path in life and trust their intuition.

And if I hadn’t figured a way to:

A – Sit with uncomfortable emotions and heal the past.

B – Create new empowering mindsets and stories in my mind.

and, C – Find a deep connection to myself, intuition and a Higher Divine Guidance

… then I never would have had the courage to change my life, get unstuck and follow my dreams.

But I did find a way to heal and live my purpose, and now I want to hold the container for you to do the same inside of the Your Aligned Life program.

coach Training

  • 650 hrs- Certified Sex, Love and Relationship Coach from the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality (TIIS)
  • Specialty Coaching Certifications in Female Sexuality + Women's Empowerment from the TIIS.
  • Was a mentor at TIIS for the coaches-in-training students for a full year. 
  • Somatic Trauma-informed Coach.
  • Certified Usui Reiki Energy Healer.
  • Neurofeedback Technician Training.
  • 5 years running a professional Dance Team and performing as a go-go dancer + burlesque entertainer.
  • Teacher training from 2016-2019 under author & Transpersonal Therapist, Phil T. Mistlberger, with a focus on Jungian Shadow Work, Tantra, Conscious Relationships, A Course in Miracles, and The Western Esoteric Tradition.
  • Self-identified psychonaut with experience in breathwork and plant medicine journeys.
  • Studied the neuroscience of Transformation from Dr. Joe Dispenza.
  • My own life experience healing personal trauma, addiction, grief, depression, anxiety and feeling "lost" and purposeless.

“Amy is an incredibly talented healer. I’m forever grateful for her brilliance and her support in my transformation.”

- Samantha Skelly, Entrepreneur & Emotional Eating Expert. Pause Breathwork, + Hungry For Happiness

I was getting overwhelmed with my work and working with her really helped me to recenter, find answers, and uncover an important piece of me. I’m still using that realization in my day to day life.

Nina Luka, Psychologist + Sex, Love & Relationship Coach

“Amy is an intuitive, deeply caring powerhouse who has been walking the walk ever since I’ve known her. She has the kind of trustable compassion that is hard-won, and she is a deep well of embodied wisdom.

- Jordan Gray, Sex & Relationship Coach

who’s it for?

“your aligned life” is perfect for you if you’re:


 A creative who feels blocked and is stuck at a job that is draining your energy.

 An artist letting go of an old career path and dreams that don’t light you up anymore.

 A healer or coach who feels unworthy, stuck, or unclear on your niche or message.

 An entrepreneur who feels drained, burnt out, disconnected and uninspired by your business. 

 An influencer, blogger or visionary pivoting your personal brand, message or business, and in need of some clarity around what’s next.

… or any woman who’s in a transition, having an identity shift and looking to connect back to her power, creativity, purpose and self (I’ve used the Radical R.E.V.I.V.A.L. Method that I coach from in this program to help me and my clients through breakups, job loss, business pivots, career changes and shifts in friendships).


When does it start?

Doors are open till Jan.17th, 2020, and your program will start as soon as the intake process is complete. Which includes:

1. Booking a free alignment call.

2.  Filling out an intake form.

3. Signing a coaching agreement.

4. Making your first payment.

5. Booking in your first coaching session!

How is this program different?

Truly most transformational work is founded on similar principals across the board.

What makes this program different is me! I’m not reinventing the wheel of personal development. But I am coaching from my own experience and personality. So if you resonate with me, then you’ll love my playful yet deep way of bringing these tools and teachings into your life.

I also bring a trauma-informed certified coach and holistic perspective to healing and transformation. I don’t just focus on mindset work, I also teach you embodiment and energy practices to help you change at the deepest levels of your brain and body.

I draw my coaching from both neuroscience + mysticism to help you truly step into the best version of yourself and live your purpose from an empowered place!


is this program right for me?

This program is right for you if you feel like it is.

I’m a big fan of trusting your intuition. Does it feel like a yes or no in your body? Do you feel expanded or contracted thinking about doing it? This is the best way to know if it’s for you.

This isn’t a program where I tell you how to live or what you “should do” with your life. It’s a deep journey into your own inner being that allows you to mine your own wisdom and come up with a strategy from your soul. It’s all about self-discovery and making empowered decisions for yourself, so only you can be the one to decide if it is right for you.

* However… it is NOT for you if you’re NOT willing to take radical responsibility for yourself, your choices, your actions or your life – and you’d rather blame something outside of yourself for not getting the results you desire.

I'm already so busy! how much time will it take?

You’ll be asked to prioritize yourself and schedule time into your calendar to do this work. Think of this an act of self-love!

How much time is your transformation worth? What results do you think you’ll get if you don’t put in the effort and show up for yourself?

Imagine wanting to change your fitness level… you’d need to put in a few hours a week at the gym and make daily habit shifts around what you put into your body. 

The same is true for you mind and energy. You’ll need to set aside a few chunks of time for learning and practices, plus you’ll need to shift some daily habits each day to get “in shape” mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

And if it was your physical fitness, you’d probably pay either a trainer to walk you through it 1:1, or you could purchase a self-study program and do it yourself by following the outline.

Aaaaaand… with that being said, it will only take about approx. 3 hrs/week to complete each week’s sessions and practices (plus some daily simple habit shifts).

But doing this work WILL help you connect back deeper to yourself and orginal essence, which is where your purpose will come through you.


how much does it cost?

It’s 6 automatic monthly payments of $444 USD or receive an 10% discount if paid in full ($2397 USD).


I fully believe in the quality of this program (and in your innate power!) and so much love, experience and energy goes into creating a coaching container for you. And I know you wouldn’t be here reading this if you didn’t have what it takes to work your way through it and get results for yourself!

It’s my deepest intention to serve you and support you in creating powerful transformations in your life, in a way that is accessible and affordable. But it is near impossible for anyone to guarantee results from coaching because it is based off the work you put in yourself.

But to put you at ease, I’ve given you a no-questions-asked, money back guarantee after completing the first session. But once Session 2 of the program has started, you are committed and no refunds will be given.

other questions?

Email amy@wildwomanwords.com if you have any other questions!

“your aligned life” at a glance:

A six month soul purpose coaching container:

  12 x 60 min Empowerment Coaching sessions pre-scheduled for every other week.

 An extra 30 minute Celebration Call to complete and close our container together.

 Each session is a blend of coaching, healing, visioning and guided embodiment practices to support whatever is coming up for you to move through.

 Suggested actions, homework, practices, resources and tools that are custom to what you need.

 Email and Whatsapp voice note support between sessions.


 Pay in full (get a 10% discount): $2397 USD


 Payment Plan: 6 monthly payments of $444 USD

PS. There are only 4 spots available so I can give my best presence to the right fits.


Book a free alignment Call to see if we vibe!



Coaching Disclaimer

⋗ By purchasing coaching services from Amy Meraki Co., you confirm that you have read and agree to each statement of the Coaching Disclaimer and that you wish to proceed.

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