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You’re here for a reason.

And I don’t just mean “here” on this page… I mean HERE on this Earth.

You’re meant to live your most aligned life.

But that sense of lack and limitation keeps creeping up. You don’t know how to get where you wanna be.

Feeling exhausted. Disconnected. Numb. Not enough.

Shining bright and being seen for who you truly are scares the shit out of you.

But you know you want to embody your authentic self and have a life that mirrors that.

And… you’re willing and ready to do The Work.

Which is where coaching support comes in.

Together we’ll go on a journey to EMBODY what you want to create and attract. Which I’m guessing is a lot of joy, pleasure and freedom!

And it all starts with self-love, baby.

This is deep soul work.

Designed to bring you into alignment with your Orginal Essence and heal whatever’s blocking you from manifesting your dream life.

Inner work is holistic in nature. What affects one area of your life affects everything.

We’ll bravely dive deep into the relationship you have with your body and self.  Reclaiming lost pieces as we go. And learning to embody your most badass sexy self.

Sexuality. Body image. Pleasure. And self-worth will be explored. Since most of us have been shamed in one way or another in these areas. Causing us to shut down and disconnect from our bodies and sacred sexual energy. Which also happens to be a power source of wisdom and liberation that can seep into all areas of our lives.

This power source is your Queen Energy, allowing you to light up any room.

And every woman has it within her.

When you awaken this sexual energy, it becomes your creative life force. What many wisdom traditions call JingChi, Shakti or Kundalini. Harnessing this Goddess Force inside allows you to channel it into a life of expansion and purpose.

Resulting in deeper intimacy. Unapologetic expression. And a new level of self-compassion, understanding and confidence.

 With it, an orgamsic vibrancy permeating everything you do as you stand powerfully in your truth.

(Epic sex is just a juicy bonus!)

This is my highest vision for you.

It’s every women’s birth right to feel badass AF while walking her soul’s path.

All the wisdom and magic you need is already inside of you. You just need to learn to feel it.

That’s what I’m here to help you do. I want to show you how to get out of your head and into your body.

So that you can reclaim your wholeness of all things Divinely feminine and free and fall in love with being a woman.

Even if you:

  •  Don’t feel pleasure.
  • Are ashamed of your sexuality or hate your body.
  • Don’t feel safe expressing your sensuality.
  • Have a hard time asking for what you want.
  • Suck at setting boundaries or speaking your truth.
  • Feel insecure, anxious and stuck in self-doubt.
  • Can’t let go of control and surrender.
  • Don’t feel “feminine” enough.
  • Are exhausted and low energy.
  • Can’t turn off the negative mind chatter.
  • Aren’t connected to your desire.
  • Feel like “something is missing”.
  • Get stuck in repetitive relationship patterns

We’ve just been taught a BROKEN MODEL of “femininity” by a patriarchal society.

According to his-story our role has been to sit pretty. Stay calm. Be nice. Keep quiet.

While our juicy, chaotic wild woman nature was supressed for thousands of years.  Our bodies shamed, or said to be for a man’s pleasure and not our own. 

Women were burned, abused and slut-shamed for expressing their gifts, voices, sexuality and unique powers. Cast aside as witches and whores.

Creating a deep imprint of fear in our collective consciousness that we’re being called to face, reclaim and heal if we’re to create positive change in our lives and on Earth.

And while yes, our freedom has come a long way in recent decades, however at the root of it, we’re still not taught that our power comes from connecting to our female bodies and pleasure. 

We were raised in a society that subconsciously programmed us to believe that parts of us are shameful, discusting or unsafe.

Resulting in us rejecting ourselves. Causing disconnection, fragmentation and disempowerment within.

It’s no wonder we struggle with confidence and being big. We aren’t embracing ALL of who we are.

I know this because it was my story too…

My Integration Adventure…

If you would’ve told me a five years ago that I’d be teaching self-love and embodied awakening as a coach, I would’ve spit my red bull and vodka out in histerical laugher… then probably not remembered the next day.

I was the girl who looked like she had it all going for her. Naturally smart and artistic. Young and “pretty” by most standards. And yet behind the scenes I ran away from every relationship. Felt alone and like I didn’t belong. I was shut down sexually and emotionally. And had no freaking clue what I wanted to do with my life. So in the mean time I was “having fun”.

I didn’t know it at the time, but I was self-sabotaging through partying and distraction. Trying to fill the hole in my heart with something that made me feel high and alive.

I had internalized the patriarchal belief that my only worth came from my body and I had no concept of my pleasure being my own. 

It wasn’t until a traumatizing breakup that I actually woke up to my self-harming patterns. I made the choice then and there to face myself and go within.

Rock bottom fucking sucked. So much so that I there was no way I could do it on my own. So I hired my first self-love coach.  Then shortly after joined a sacred sisterhood circle. In conscious community and with support, I was able to radically transform my life. Letting go of habits and people that were sucking me into the black hole of self-destruction. 

Clearly this wasn’t pleasant… I was anxious, depressed and hella greiving during this massive transition.

My Dark Night of the Soul was more like a dark couple years.

I was waking up to all the shame and trauma I had suppressed from my youth. I had done a fine job masking it with eating disorders, substance abuse, shut down sex and subconscious self-loathing.

 I felt stuck, insecure and not enough.

My whole lifestyle needed to shift.

But in the thick of it I kept my eye on my desire.

I wanted to feel ALIVE.

With this intention I fully surrendered to my healing. I knew I could have a life of pleasure and purpose. One where I could speak and live my truth. Have heathy relationships. Love myself. Heal my wounds. And experience sex as SACRED.

Deep down inside I knew there was a badass Unicorn Queen who was powerful AF.

I just needed to trust I would find what I was looking for.

Which happened to be found in my pleasure…

In my healing adventures I came across Tantric and Taoist feminine arts, which opened me up to my sacred sexual awakening.

With these tools I no longer needed substances and partying to feel alive and connected to others. I could find ecstasy & love through energy, presence and breath.

I learned that when we bring Highest Consciousness and Universal Love to the totality of our humanity that it can activate our sovereignty.

We’re no longer confined to cultural conditioning that tells us what it means to be a woman.

We break free.


In our re-wilding we reconnect to our deepest desire for life itself.

Our sexual energy becomes a direct connection to Universal Source that fuels our creative expression, radiance and magnetism.

Our life becomes vibrant and orgasmic.

We turn on.

 Our divine gifts become clear. Our intuition expands. Our bodies become deeply trusted oracles of truth.

And having experienced this transformation myself, I knew I had found the magic juice that needed to be shared.

Leading me to create…

12 Private Sessions

  • 60 mins each
  • weekly or bi-weekly (done over 3-6 months)
  • via video call
  • Integrative healing for mind, body and energy systems
  • Guidance to get into your body

Clairity of Desire

  • get clear on what you want to manifest in your life
  • set powerful intentions with action steps to get there
  • re-wire your subconscious blocks and past conditioning to support your empowerment


Reclaiming Wholeness

  • inner child work
  • harmonizing the inner masculine & feminine
  • shadow work
  • parts integration

Erotic Empowerment

  • Toaist & Tantric embodiment & energy practices
  • Re-wire the nervous system for pleasure & high vibration emotions
  • Body awakening & holistic self-pleasure practices
  • expand your orgasmic potential

Magnetic Manifestation

  • believe in your innate worthiness to receive
  • embodied trust, surrender & flow
  • guided visualizations & meditations
  • steps to take inspired action
  • gratitude & celebration

Embodied Confidence

  • Develop and trust your intuition
  • Connect to your own inner guidance
  • Feel your clear yes’s and no’s
  • Be more yourself
  • Feel more self-expressed

Emotional Mastery

  • gentle somatic trauma healing
  • a Tantric approach to emotional empowerment
  • expressive tools to move energy
  • embodied self-love

Custom Homeplay

  • manageable assignments & homework
  • accountability that works for you
  • tools to support your integration between sessions
  • book & resource recommendations
  • tantric practices & rituals
  • session recaps & email support

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❝ When I first reached out to Amy on a friend’s recommendation, I was extremely unsure of what to expect or if meeting her was something I even really needed to do, but I set the meeting up anyway. Immediately upon meeting Amy face to face, I could feel the love and compassion she exudes and felt much more comfortable. In hindsight, I was coming up against some serious internal resistance, probably because I knew deep down that together, Amy and I were going to move some dense trauma and bullshit I had built my identity around.

Working with Amy was unlike the work I’d done with other facilitators or coaches. I had never experienced the creation of a container that was built on trust, comfort, love and support. Thats exactly what Amy does, from the second you step into her space all the way through to reconnecting with your inner child, or divine feminine.

You’re held in such safe space, and listening to Amy’s gentle guidance while meeting yourself deeply creates a deep sense of confidence and furthers your ability to do so.

Since working with Amy, I have reconnected with my divine feminine and have fallen in love with being a woman, knowing how to stand in my power. Knowing that I have power to stand in, in the first place!

That’s seeped into the rest of my life inevitably, the relationship I have with myself is saturated in love and compassion, a desire to understand myself instead of judging and condoning my human experience.

This has allowed me to see incredible improvements in the relationship I have with my boyfriend, mother and other key members of my community

I would highly recommend coaching with Amy for anyone who feels called to understand themselves better, heal core wounds and come into their power with humility and confidence. If you’re struggling in your relationships, and want to know how you can be part of the solution, Amy will give you the space, tools and knowledge required to deep dive into self, heal from the inside out and watch how that process transforms your entire life- not just your relationships.

You’ll find an elder, a goddess, a healer, a guide, a cheerleader and a friend in Amy. Thats not something you can say about every coach.❞

~ Britannia W, Vancouver Canada 

What can you expect working together?

This is a non-linear approach to psycho-emotional integration & energetic healing.  What I mean by that is there’s no set structure one-size-fits-all formula that I’ll take you through. Instead, with great curiosity and gentleness, we’ll explore together your subconscious body-mind connection and heal your relationship to yourself.

It’s a co-creative environment where we go at your pace. I’m here in full service to your highest self.  Intentionally creating a safe and loving space, and deeply transformative partnership.

Although I have many tools and techniques to pull from, each woman’s Heroine Journey is unique, so we’ll work in flow with what intuitively comes up naturally- going on an integrative adventure.

The program is based on your specific intentions & desires. Which we’ll clarify at the start of working together, focusing on one goal at a time.

My job is to be a guide and mirror for you to self-empower. I may offer suggestions and feedback based off my experience, intuitive guidance and professional training, however ultimately we’re creating a container for you to learn to trust your own inner wisdom. You’re always encouraged to take what you love… and leave the rest.

I am fully committed to your evolution.


Q: Do you do in-person sessions?

A: The short answer is “no”.

Everything we do in-person can be done via video call from the comfort of your own space. So logistically this works better for modern busy schedules and international sessions.

Q: When you say we'll be working on my sexuality... do you mean there will be nudity and explict sexual touching during the sessions?

A: Nope! During sessions we are primarily working on your mind-body connection and mindset in relationship to your self-love and sexuality goals. Your custom homeplay may have self-pleasure involved, but we’ll discuss it during the session where you’re encouraged to ask questions. You’ll be sent a write up, or audio of your homeplay and have email access to me during business hours if anything comes up between sessions.

Q: How much is the program?

A: Your investment in yourself is $797 for 4 sessions per month, starting with a minimum of three months (12 sessions in total). 

To pay in full up front it’s $2,147 (which is a 10% discount)

Q: Do you offer a payment plan?

A: If weekly coaching is not in your budget, we can do 12 sessions every other week over 6 months for $397 per month (which is the equivalent of $13.25 a day… or approximately the price of a fancy latte and snack).

Q: Is there a refund policy?

A: Because the nature of transformational work can be met with a shit ton of inner resistance (speaking from my own experience here too!), a refund for distraction or change of mind is not permitted. However, if you make it to the end of the program and have documented that you’ve completed all your homeplay with notes of what you experienced, and still find that you haven’t received any value, then I’m happy to give you a full refund 🙂

Q: I've worked with other healers & coaches before. What makes this program different?

A: This is not just talk based cognitive therapy. It is a full system that works on the mind-body-soul connection to work at the deepest layers of the subconscious while re-wiring your nervous system for more confidence, self-love and radiance.

Our mindsets can shift quickly, however if it is not anchored in the body, we often fall back into old patterns. That is why this program is designed with embodiment and energy practices to help support you in full integration healing.

Plus it’s rooted in positive psychology. We focus on your desires and work through what’s in the way of them vs. focusing on your problems and getting stuck in story or wanting to constantly “fix” yourself.

And… it’s orgasmic.  Not every coaching program has that going for it 😉

Q: Am I guaranteed results?

A: I fully believe in this healing process not only from personal experience, but also from seeing hundreds of women find their power through connecting to their bodies and reclaiming their sexuality.

And the more you put in the more you get out!

Plus, I am a pretty badass cheerleader and guide that wants to support you to succeed in every way that I can! (But… for legal reasons I can’t actually make guarantees. So the short answer is “no”.).

Q: Do you offer single sessions?

A: Because it takes time to unwind your conditioning, re-wire your nervous system and get into your body, it’s best to create a container that takes you on a journey of self-discovery. A lot can happen in a single session, but deeper lasting results take deeper long-term work.

However, if you want to book a single session for $247 before commiting to a whole program, we can certainly work that out. Plus after the intial 12 session package is complete we can work on a session-by-session basis or new package for continued support.

Q: Are the sessions just focused on sensuality & sexuality?

A: Nope! This is a holistic life coaching approach that is rooted in radical self-love.  Stuff with your family, childhood, relationships, career or emotions can come up. You can bring anything to the sessions that you want to work on, however we’ll still be getting into the body along side some talk based coaching to explore the root of what’s going on and heal it from there.

Q: Do I have to be in a relationship to do this work?

A: Nope! In fact this program is entirely focused on your relationship to yourself and body. And the homework is all solo action.

If you’re single and wanting to attract a partner, cultivating more sexual energy and self-love can help you glow and bring out your inner radiance and self-worth.

And if you are in a relationship it can help bring more passion, intimacy and love into your connection.

YAY! You made it to the end... Ready to say YES to yourself?

Book your free intro call today.


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