I was recently asked, “What is pleasure to you?”.

What came after this question was a cascade of words from my finger tips. It felt much too juicy not to share.  So I hope you enjoy some impromptu poetry!

Here it is, my very best answer to a very stimulating question.

What is Pleasure?

Pleasure is pure enjoyment and bliss.

It’s about igniting the senses and being present in your body as you joyfully experience life.

It can come in many forms.

Biting into a piece of rich dark chocolate is pleasure, or taking a sip of that perfect Syrah.

Self-care is pleasure. Feeling the hot water of an epsom salt bath melt your muscles while the aroma of eucalyptus invigorates your lungs.

Sex is pleasure. Surrendering to your partner’s strength and presence as they hold onto you while you come undone and erupt around them.

Breathing is pleasure. A sacred exchange of giving and receiving. The sensation of air moving deep through your body as it fills you up with life and love.

Relaxing is pleasure. Laying in bed and getting lost in a book. Completely oblivious to what time it is.

Walking in nature is pleasure. Hearing the birds serenade, feeling the breeze kiss your soft cheeks, and the sunshine hugging your back.

Cuddles are pleasure. As you lock together in a perfect fitting puzzle piece, surrounded in comfy warmth and radiating love.

Art is pleasure. The way the paint moves itself across the canvas as you drop into your emotions and let them do the talking through your strokes.

Dance is pleasure. Moving to your favourite song and allowing the pulse of the beat to carry your limbs into ecstatic flow and complete freedom.

Laughter is pleasure. Finding friends who make you cry in giggle fits from jokes that only the two of you will ever get.

Inspiration is pleasure. Feeling so turned on with ideas and excitement that you don’t know where to dive in first.

Pleasure is not just sex, it’s a state of being.

It’s about finding the experiences that nourish your soul and indulging in them regularly without guilt or regret.

Because life is full of some of the greatest pleasures imaginable. We just have to give ourselves permission to experience them fully.

Pleasure is many different things to many different people.

This is what pleasure is to me.

What is pleasure to you?

Stay Beautiful,

Header Photo by Erriko Boccia on Unsplash

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