Vision boarding to me is a visual representation of what I want to create in my life. I’m not much of a “goal oriented” person, and I’m not that into new year resolutions, but I do like to set clear intentions and then take inspired action towards things that I envision. But if you have some very specific goals you want to accomplish then all the power to ya. This process will work for them too. What’s most important isn’t how you label what you’re creating in your life, it’s having the vision to begin with.

So I present to you… a simple new twist to vision boarding that will actually work the way it’s supposed to by imprinting positive emotionsinto your subconscious when you look at it.

Step 1: Brainstorm What You Want

Get out your pen and paper (or digital type-writer), and start by listing every desire or goal that comes to mind that you want to create this year. I like to focus on categories which helps me create structure for my chaotic creative mind.

Some categories you might consider while vision boarding are:

  • health + fitness
  • family + relationships
  • romantic love
  • career + purpose
  • financial life
  • spirituality + personal development
  • travel + lifestyle
  • emotional life
  • character
  • intellect + learning
  • play + relaxation

And underneath each category, write down what you desire in that area for the next year. Then beside each desire I want you to write down how you will feel when you get that desire.

For example under travel you might write:

  • take 3 vacations this year (feeling: free)
  • visit my long distant relatives (feeling: connected)
  • visit my best friend in California (feeling: playful)

Then take a look at your list again and notice if there’s any theme feelings that are standing out. Maybe you wrote down “abundant”, or “free” a bunch. Take note of these theme feelings because this is what you actually want and you think that by achieving your goals will get you that feeling.

Step 2: Find “Theme Feeling” Images

Once you have your list with your desires and feelings, it’s time to choose images that represent your theme feelings NOT your specific goals.

Now in traditional vision boarding, most people take their desire/goals and go find a picture of that exact thing.

For example if you want a new car you look up the exact make and model, print it out, then slap it on there. For example an image like this:

Not that there’s anything wrong with that approach. You can totally still do that if you want, but I also I have a different approach.

Instead of finding an image of the “thing” you want, find an image of the feeling you want that goes along with that desire.

A feeling based image works better for manifesting in my opinion for two reasons:

  1. Every time you look at the image it will provoke that feeling in you in the present. And it’s manifestation 101 that in order for you to get what you want, you have to become that vibration NOW. And some images have a way of transmitting that feeling better to us than others.
  2. Your subconscious mind already knows what the feeling image represents for you because you consciously chose it to represent that goal, and therefor have programmed your desire into it through your intention. So be intentional about each image, and what it represents for you.

For example let’s say that instead of using the above image for getting a new car, we chose a “feeling image” like this instead:

My deeper mind knows that I chose it to symbolize a new car. And in order for us to get what we want, we need to get the subconscious mind on board (pun intended hehe). And the subconscious speaks in symbols and metaphors.

Also this way each image can represent more than one goal. For example maybe you want a new car AND you want to go on more road trips and both these things would make you feel FREE. Finding one image to represent this creates more order, simplicity and focus on your board, which is helpful when it comes to creating a vision of clarity. (I’ve made the mistake of having a chaotic, and messy board too many times and felt like it drew in chaotic and messy energy into my life!)

So if you just put a picture of a car on your board, but it doesn’t inspire you to feel a certain way in the present moment, then we are just looking at a picture of a nice car with our conscious mind. Sometimes this can even have the opposite effect if every time we look at it it makes us wish we had it. And as long as we are in the energy of “wishing we had it” deep down in our subconscious, then it will always stay just out of grasp.

So if you’re down for trying out this new technique but don’t know where to look for the right images do not fear. I’ve had a lot of luck finding amazing (and free to use) feeling images from

As you look through different images I encourage you to not overthink finding the “prefect” image. Instead scan through them and notice which one jumps out at you or produces the feeling that you are seeking. Often times it’s one of the first ones that catches your eye. Trust your intuition, since that’s the same part of your mind that we are programming to work for you when you look at your board.

Step 3: Vision Boarding Construction

There’s 2 ways you can go about doing this. Either printing out images and sticking them onto a cork board or poster board, or you could go the digital route. Either will work just fine. 🙂

If you go the printed route, it’s going to be important that you cut all your images out first, then lay them out in the place where you will be securing them before you actually attach them. This just allows it to look the best.

Then you can use glue stick, pins, or tape!

If you’re going the digital route, upload your images to There’s even pre-set “grids” that you can drag and drop your images into that create a super tidy layout.

Then just download it as a JPEG or PNG and voila… a digital picture of your vision board has manifested 😉

law of attraction vision board examples

Step 4: Look at it Daily

Place your board somewhere where you will see it everyday but in a subtle way where you almost forget about it. Some good places are either above your desk, in your room, or as a home screen, phone background or screensaver.

The secret is to let go and forget about it, while still allowing it to basically brainwash you with positive subliminal messages (Muahaha!).

This imprinting will help you get intuitive hits about what actions you need to take in order to get what you want.

Step 5: Take Inspired Action!

Listen to your gut, inner guidance, and intuition when you get an instant hit around a decision that you need to make. Because this is how your subconscious mind speaks to you.

And if you’ve been intentional with what you’re creating and what you’ve programmed into your subconscious mind, then you can trust you’re being guided towards the feeling that you want, which will most likely be attached to thing thing/goal/achievement/person you’ve asked (or it will be the next step or lesson you need to learn to get that thing, or it will be something better and more aligned for you in this moment).

Step 6: Let Go

The most important thing to remember is to not to get too attached to the “what, when or how”of how things show up. However, I do highly recommend that you keep an evidence journal of all the ways in which the Universe is providing you with what you’re asking for.

Because the more evidence you have that manifesting actually works, the deeper you will believe in this stuff… and believing in it is the only way it’s ever going to work for you in your favour.

Happy Vision Boarding Beauties!

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