“Unfuck Yourself- Be who you were before all that shit happened that dimmed your fucking shine.


And what if the answer to unfucking yourself is by fucking yourself?

I’m talking self-pleasure baby (aka masturbation)

So much shame, disgust & pain can be wired into our nervous system from experiences early on in our sexual encounters & even early childhood.

This happens when we are told by a sexually suppressed society that being born naturally sexual beings is some how wrong or gross.

We then internalize this belief & have it playing in the background as we begin to explore our sexuality.

Our brain loves wiring together things that fire together. So chances are if you learned when you were young that sex=bad/dirty/wrong… then no matter how much you try and convince yourself otherwise as an adult… those same feelings will probably still arise.

So how do we unfuck ourselves from this?

We need to allow our bodies to be in the original state that it was in when the imprinting occurred.

We need to rewire our brains while in a state of sexual turn on. This is where a committed intentional self-pleasure practice comes in (no pun intended).

In this state of arousal, we can release any stuck emotions or blocks associated with our sexuality, and replace them with what we WANT to feel instead.

We get to actively choose our pleasure. We get to choose our self-love. We get to choose our innocence.

I’m not saying this is an easy process. I’ve been dedicating the last few years to my own transformation & am now mastering the tools to help guide others on their own sexual awakening.

And the benefits of this in my life go far beyond the bedroom.

My creativity has skyrocketed. I feel empowered. I feel radiant. I feel ALIVE.

My body & I have an intimate relationship and she speaks to me giving me guidance, love and support.

Most of all I feel free. Free in bed. Free in my authentic expression. And free in life.

Oh ya… and the cosmic universal orgasms of bliss and surrender aren’t too bad either.

Want in on this freedom?

Let’s chat.

Stay Beautiful,




Photo:  Matheus Ferrero on Unsplash


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