This week I’m learning from one of the best. Deepak Chopra. And implementing his advice from his book “The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success” (PS. this is NOT an affiliate link… just sharing). Starting with the 1st Spiritual Law, The Law of Pure Potentiality.

I love it when I find spiritual teachers talking about physical world stuff; like money, achievement, and success.

Why? Because it’s not often we see money and success paired with spirituality and wellness.

I would even argue that a lot of us believe that they “shouldn’t go together” at all.

But is this belief serving us?

I don’t think so.

I think all the lovers, the healers, the wisdom keepers that are in integrity, SHOULD have lots of money!

Because right now we live in a culture that says money = power and value.

And wouldn’t it be awesome if the people in power making decisions were the ones connected to compassion and their hearts?

I think so.

Because honestly, whenever I try and achieve something in my life from “working really hard” or forcing things, it’s usually coming from ego, and wanting some sort of status, security or control. Which never ends up feeling fulfilling or even “successful” anyways.

And I’m so over it. That strategy sucks for me!

I believe there’s another way to thrive.

Yes there will be challenges, pain, and heartache. But I believe there are masters and guides who have found another way other than suffering through life. So why not listen to what they say and try it out?

So this week, just for fun, I’m practicing of the 1st Spiritual Law of Success: The Law of Pure Potentiality.

The Law of Pure Potentiality

Here’s my understanding of this Law from my own experience:

Who we are at our core is pure consciousness, it is our spiritual essence (or “energetic” essence).

This pure consciousness exists in the present moment always.

And in the present moment, there is infinite potential for future outcomes. And unlimited creativity is available to us when our focus isn’t on the re-imagining the past or predicting a limited future. We can dream and imagine anything our hearts desire. And it becomes a possibility in the Quantum field where all information and energy is connected beyond time and space . (On a very practical level, think about it, right here, right now, anything could happen. We don’t know the future. Anything is possible. We just make up stories around what we think will happen… and if these stories are left unchecked, the monkey mind makes up worse case scenario to “prepare” us to survive.)

So we need to develope a practice of becoming aware. Becoming aware of the stories we’re predicting about the future, and of our thoughts.

This practice of becoming aware, helps us to connect to the present moment.

And helps us take our consciousness from being identified with the fear-based stories, and expands it to connect with pure consciousness in the formless ground of being.

From observing reality from this state of being, we align with the Consciousness of the Universe and what I like to call Creator Energy!

From here, we are in the driver seat my friend, and connected to who we Truly Are, not the ego fear-based self.

And this is where the magic of intentional manifesting happens, baby!

But we must practice getting still first (I’ll get into intentional manifesting in another post, right now, it’s about practicing stillness). We must go within, to discover this True Nature for ourselves. I can write about it, Deepak can write about it, but it’s you who must practice and see for yourself 🙂

Fun story though… our egos don’t really like it when we try and merge with pure consciousness. Why? Because the ego only exists by thinking it’s separate from everything and everyone. And when you merge with pure consciousness, you let go of identifying with the ego self, and it dies a little. Which it doesn’t like for obvious reasons… that shit’s scary to the separate self! So often times people experience a lot of resistance to energy practices or teachings that can help them tap into this infinite energy field to understand the Law of Pure Potentiality.

But what is NOT merging with who you truly are costing you in life?

Let’s take a look at some of the ways the ego tells us “success” looks like…

  • being “better” than others
  • having more money
  • having a great “title” or job position of power
  • having more things and toys
  • having more opportunities and privildge

These are all ways in which the ego sees success being dependent on external factors.

But what happens when you define success this way?… and let’s say it all disappears (and it will… because all things come to an end), you will feel worthless, unsuccessful and powerless.

Not to mention never truly enjoying what you DO have because you’ll constantly be in a state of fear or unconscious anxiety of losing it, because who would you be without it!

But true success cannot be taken from you. It’s forged from deep within your being, from being connected to the core of who you are. From sourcing joy, pleasure, peace and gratitude in the present moment. From dropping the social masks you wear (to be approved by others and the world), and understanding your true nature.

From this space of being tapped into your true nature, you will bond with others from your true self and in true love. Relationships then flourish, creative ideas flourish, and joy in the present moment emerges.

And hey… I think that type of energy makes you pretty damn magnetic, so watch out, because you might just be surprised by what other “successes” start showing up for you (like the job, the money, the titles, the people who support your dreams, etc.)… but it didn’t come from chasing, or “trying to get something”. Or even from really focusing on it. It came from being aligned with who are truly are, and taking inspired action from that place.

This is how you can implement the 1st spiritual law of success into your life; The Law of Pure Potentiality. I share my meditation strategy and meditation practice, and also share my understanding of this Law, in hopes it will give you some inspiration on your spiritual path to manifesting abundance! #lawofattraction #abundance #spiritualpath
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Soooo with all that being said. How do we actually APPLY this stuff day-to-day?

Well, here’s what Deepak recommends:


He suggests 30 minutes in the morning and evening. Now I know this is a lot for most people, myself included, so my goal this week is 20 mins in the morning and evening.

To set myself up for success, I made sure it was super easy for me by moving my meditation nook into my bedroom. That way when I roll outta bed, or start getting ready to wind down, it’s RIGHT THERE staring at me like “Are you gunna sit down or what?”.

I set it up with with cute pillows, and pretty things because hey, that shit is fun for me and FUN motivates me! (What motivates you?)

I also looked up 20 minute meditation music on YouTube have them easily accessible on my phone home screen.

Bonus: I also moved my vision board from my office into my bedroom, so I can look at it after my meditation when I’m the most open to it penetrating my subconscious.

TLDR: create a system that makes your new meditation habit FUN + EASY.

Law of Potentiality: Spiritual Laws of Success
Law of Potentiality: Spiritual Laws of Success


This one helps us let go of social masks and thinking we’re better than or less than others. It helps us see the pure consciousness in all humans, and release our ego and fear-based desires for “success”.

When I practice non-judgement and acceptance for others (and it will always be a practice, not perfection), I notice I usually stop fearing being judged by others and feel more immune to criticism. It’s cool how that works!

Deepak recommends starting each day with the prayer from a Course in Miracles, “Today I will judge nothing that occurs”. And throughout the day remind yourself not to judge.

I commit to setting 3 alarms in my phone each day with the affirmation “today I will judge nothing that occurs” to remind me to let go of judgement.


Being present with nature helps us see and understand our own true nature. It helps us connect to life. The beauty all around us. The abundance all around us. The wisdom. The intelligence. And the creative energy of the Universe.

In my experience, it’s helped me let go of living in the past or future, which many schools of thought believe is where anxiety and depression stems from, and allows us to feel safe, whole and free, right here, right now.

I commit to spending time outdoors twice this week, and being present with Nature.

Interesting in joining me on this adventure to practice The Law of Pure Potentiality? Great!

Leave a comment below with your commitment to yourself and how you plan on implementing these practices.

May you achieve the most beautiful and fulfilling success for your soul!

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