This month on my “She Speaks” interview series, I jammed about sustainability and climate change (and what YOU can do about it starting now) with Britannia Willes- a powerhouse creative babe who’s one to watch! (and also a former client of mine who I’m so ridiculously proud of and love to the moon and back).

Britannia is clearly super passionate about her work. And she’s found a unique way to infuse all her callings into one. And it started by following her intuition to move across the country to a place she had never even been before.

I just love her story and how she makes up her own rules, while following her creative downloads.

In her coaching practice, “Coniugata Coaching“, she focuses on relationships, sustainability and responsibility. Because to her its all connected. She said in this interview that “to heal the planet we have to heal the people”. And to me that resonated sooooooo deeply!

Plus on top of doing her part to support humans in healthier relationships with themselves, each other and the planet, she’s also opening up Charlottetown’s first package free shop! (Learn more here and here.)

I’m just in awe of her wisdom and courage. And I’m so excited to share her message with you.

In this interview she’ll give you tips and information on what you can actually DO to for sustainability and climate change. Plus how to hold space for your emotions, and how to have vulnerable conversations with your friends and family around sustainability.

I hope you enjoy this one! Shoot me a message with any insights, comments or thoughts.

Stay Beautiful,

You can find out more about her work here:

Websites: Congiugata Coaching + Unpacked Shopping


Email: unpackedshopping[at]

Instagram: @congiugatacoaching + @unpackedshopping

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