Being in transition… what does that even mean?

It’s a buzz word used to soften the edge of feeling like your life is in complete chaos and crisis.

I’ll own up to it… I’ve thrown this word around a lot these past two years to describe my own life as relationships, careers, and beliefs fell apart and needed to be rebuilt.

It’s easier to tell people “I’m in transition” then it is to say, “I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing next. I’m just winging it and hopefully I’ll continue to uncover who I truly am in the process”.

I feel like I’ve been in this constant state of “figuring it out”. Trying to make my way from where I’m at to where I’m supposed to be.

Well this morning I called bullshit on myself and my “transition”.

There is no where I am “supposed” to be except for exactly where I am right now. I was kidding myself when I thought that this transition would eventually end and I would have life sorted out “one day”.

Our lives are never going to stop transitioning. Especially once we’ve called in the intention to unlock our deepest potential.

And do we even really want it to stop? I know I don’t. I desire to continue to grow and evolve.

Even if we resist this growth, we’ll find that once we’ve stagnated the Universe presents us with an opportunity to wake the fuck up. Which usually comes in the form of an uncomfortable “transition”.

Maybe we realize we hate our job, our relationship is no longer working, or we don’t love our city anymore. Maybe we aren’t practicing our art, investing in our hobbies and passions, or expressing our authentic selves freely. We feel drained. We feel confused. We feel like something is missing.

And when we start to feel this bubbling desire for change we often push it down. It threatens our safety and security. Because acknowledging our unhappiness is more uncomfortable than just being unhappy sometimes.

We know our misery intimately. It takes no effort at all to stay there. Taking action on changing our lives is more work than staying stuck is. So we shrink to avoid the pains of growth.

But what happens when we don’t listen to the whispers of our soul — those messages that align us to open our hearts and live more fully expressed?

Life starts to shake us awake with louder and more disruptive wake up calls.

With loss, injury, heartbreak, anxiety and challenges. We are presented with obstacles that will force us to course correct back into alignment with our truth and our path.

The longer with have ignored our calling the louder the alarm gets.

And sometimes these shifts in our lives lead us to an existential crisis where we feel “lost”.

It’s an uncomfortable place to be in. I know. I’ve been there many times before.

But what if the lesson isn’t to break free from these transitions, but to learn to accept it as your new reality? To realize that transition is a beautiful state of growth and expansion. That we must always be changing. That it’s okay to not know whats next and that in the unknown lies infinite potential. It is a teacher to connect us back to wonder and curiosity.

Viewed from this lens transition then stops being such a challenging place.

It doesn’t have to become a crutch to keep you stuck either. I’m guilty of using my “transition” as a way to avoid being seen in my vulnerability. When love is presented to me I use it as an excuse to push people away. When truthfully I’m just scared shitless of not being enough as I am, in this moment.

It feels safe to say “Not now… I’m not perfect yet. I’m still in transition.”

It holds me back from creating and using my voice. I feel like I don’t have “anything” to say sometimes because I don’t know EXACTLY where I’m at.

Which is all pure bullshit when we shift our perspective.

My deepest truth is that we are all perfect, whole and complete in every moment.

The beauty of my message is being an explorer of the reality I am living in this moment. Not one day, when I get to where I think I should be. I know there are people out there who are going through what I am experiencing too and my voice matters in this moment. Your voice matters. Your art matters. Your light that you bring to the world matters. It matter because we are not separate. We are never alone.

Transitions don’t have to become the reason we hold ourselves back from experiencing love, relationships, or taking action.

In fact, what if it’s those exact experiences that your transition is calling you towards?

Opening your heart. Letting people in. Creating art. Saying yes to your desires. Owning who you truly are.

What if you were brought into the void of the unknown to attract into your life the people and experiences you need to further your unfoldment?

What if you opened yourself up to the perfection of every moment as it teaches you how to flow with your life?

Then it becomes a place where we get to uncover who we truly are and what we desire most. Because from this space is where we start asking ourselves the important questions.

Who am I?

What do I want?

What am I here to create?

Who am I here to serve?

This is where I’m at. I’m tired of being at war with transition and I’m ready to embrace all its beautiful chaos.

I’m ready to say YES to life and all the magical unknowns it presents us with. And if that means being in a constant state of transition, then so be it. Might as well enjoy the experience and learn to love as deeply as I can.

Stay beautiful,

Header Photo by Jens Lelie on Unsplash

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