When I first met India about 4 years ago I was in a place where I was looking for my “purpose”. And I remember seeing what she was creating with The Strut Club, and I was so curious about how she got to where she is now.

She’s an empowerment guide and embodiment facilitator, and truly creates magical spaces of transformation and connection through movement and sisterhood. It’s def Ritual meets Rihanna.

And her story is inspiring AF. So I wanted to share it with you if you’re in a place of figuring it out or just starting something.

She’s an embodied example of what it can look like when you just trust, show up and do the work, and keep moving towards your dreams. Even through all the pain and uncertainty.

I hope it encourages you to keep following the whispers of your soul and creative impulses.


Feel free to reach out with any comments, questions or thoughts.

With love + gratitude,

Follow India at The Strut Club on instagram at @the.strut.club

Website: www.thestrutclub.com

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