Jasmine Rose is one of my fave ladies and I was so excited to have this conversation with her because I’ve watched her journey evolve over the last 5 years.

And I’m so inspired by any womxn who has the courage to follow the whispers of her desires, and see where her creative energy takes her!

From hair dressing to holistic nutrition, to becoming a holistic fertility practitioner and doula, I know Jasmine has walked her talk and bravely moves through the ringer of self-discovery and healing that it takes to live on purpose.

It’s my pleasure to share her story with you with the hopes that if you’re feeling in the thick of a rebirth and transformational journey, that maybe, just maybe, you’ll be reminded that everything you’re going through is teaching you the wisdom you need to offer your gifts to others. And that each step you take will make sense looking backwards.


Feel free to reach out with any comments, questions or thoughts.

With love + gratitude,

PS. If you’ve liked my resources on working with the intense energy of PMS and creating a Moon Time Loving Guide for your partner (and your own self-love), then you’ll see I often recommend Jasmine’s Holistic Fertility Map. It’s an amazing resource to help you empower yourself around your cycle and naturally follow your female rhythm to optimize fertility or avoid pregnancy.

Connect deeper with Jasmine at @humblewildwellness on Instagram and at www.humblewildflower.com

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