Alrightly folks! I’m back to making videos which is something I started yearssssssss ago, but got totally side tracked when I was in a very intensive coach training for a few years.

With my new brand and business launching a couple months ago, I’ve committing to creation once more and have been having lots of fun with it!

The creative process is so funny. It wasn’t until after I filmed the whole thing and finished editing it that I realized “oh shit… my shirts on inside out”. And noticed all the little mistakes I made editing, spelling and speaking.

But at the end of the day I was like “fuck it… better done than perfect. I’ll only get better from here.”

And this video is about exactly that shift.

It’s about looking at the inner critic in us. The one that wants us to be “perfect” or thinks we’re “too much” or “not enough”.

And then transforming that story to one of self-love through a superrrrr simple self-love habit you can add to your life daily before bed for just 5-10 minutes, that will help you start to train your mind to focus on the stuff you did great during your day.

Which will over time help your default narrative become self-compassionate instead of self-critical. (And help you course correct quicker when the inner critic does show up.. because let’s be real… perfection is not the goal or even possible).

This slef-love habit brought me back to life

Several years ago I went through a super traumatic breakup and committed to doing this practice every night before bed for 4 months straight. (I’m talkin’ couldn’t eat. Couldn’t Sleep. Couldn’t get out of bed or go to work, type of pain). I swear it changed my life.

All this practice takes is 5-10 minutes of reflection and journaling before bed.

I hope you can receive massive benefits from this simple daily self-love habit shift too!

Please Reach out of you have any questions or comments!

With love + gratitude,

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