Yesterday a man commented on this photograph and asked,

“Why sexualize yourself while telling others to accept who they are? #metoo


My response?



And so are you. No matter where you are at in your sexual healing journey.

Modern society is sexually repressed. For all humans. Not just women.

When I say repressed, I mean we are SUBCONCSIOUSLY conditioned to believe the innate sexuality we are BORN with is somehow shameful, taboo or disgusting.

This leads to people REJECTING a core part of who they are. Creating a culture of shame & judgement.

Shame is toxic. Proven to have extremely negative effects on our emotional, physical, spiritual & mental health.

Our sexuality is an important piece of humanity, it is the energy force that CREATES life itself. It is something to be HONOURED & REVERED. You would not be here if it were not for sexual energy or a woman’s sexual desire.

By shaming another human for their natural & beautiful sexuality, you are not a part of the solution to a healthy society.

I would invite you to look inward & notice where you are judging someone else. This is a clue as to where you judge yourself.

If you are not in celebration of another’s core liberated expression, then you are not allowing yourself to be liberated in your own authentic expression.

I would also inquire do you really want women to become more empowered in who they truly are? Maybe you fear this? Or maybe you’re still operating out of the belief system that a women’s sexuality is for a man’s pleasure only? Which is simply not the case.

When a woman claims her sexuality for HERSELF she embodies her power. Maybe you think that another stepping into their power takes away from your own? It does not. We rise TOGETHER.

Her power connects her to her boundaries & truth. She becomes connected to her NO. Connected to her VOICE.

I know because I have walked this path. Healing sexual trauma & reclaiming this part of myself.

And if creating sexy art with my body brings me PLEASURE & JOY then allow it to be a PERMISSION slip to those who also desire liberation.





Photo by J’aime Leigh Gianopoulos


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