Expressing your gratitude for the impact someone has had in your life is a gift.

For the past few months I’ve had the urge to reach out to a woman that I felt deeply inspired by. She was a friend-of-a-friend who had written a new self help book on the subject of female empowerment.

When I read her book it was a “FUCK YES!” on so many levels. Everything that I was processing emotionally at the time, and all the themes she talked about in her writing related so closely to the themes I was beginning to explore in my own life.

It felt as though she was speaking to my soul and  her voice made sense of all the thoughts running around in my head. I was especially going through a challenging time, and reading everyday helped ground and inspire me.

I felt like she had given me a great gift that was exactly the words I needed to hear at the divinely right time.

I believe that the magic in her message was the fact that she was someone that was only one degree of separation away from me. I saw her only a few steps “ahead” of me on her journey. I felt so inspired because I saw myself in her and her story. I saw an example of what I was capable of embodying if I had the strength to continue with my own self-discovery.

I knew right away I wanted to reach out but something held me back.

I was afraid.

I was afraid that if I reached out to share my experience that I would be putting her on pedestal. I imaged that I would be viewed as a “fan girl”, and that it would be embarrassing, and diminish my power and confidence.

I was stuck in mega comparison and insecurity. My ego felt stubborn and proud.

So I remained silent for three months.

Then as timing would have it and as many fogs lifted, I spontaneously felt compelled to share the impact that she had in my life.

And truthfully, holding it in just didn’t feel good on any level.

I saw the situation clearly. I was withholding my love from this woman and allowing fear to control how I showed up in the world. I wasn’t giving her the gift of gratitude. I was receiving the love she was sharing but withholding my own.

So I moved through my resistance and sent her my message of thanks. I introduced myself, shared with her how I came across her work, and how it helped me find light during a time of grieving.

It was my way of giving back.

And you what happened? I didn’t feel weak or “less than”. I felt inspired, openhearted, and expansive. It helped her too. She was equally inspired by my praise and shared with me that it was fantastically well timed in her own decision to edit parts of her book.

I felt that the exchange was truly divine timing for both of us.

I learned from this experience that gratitude can sometimes be scary. We feel vulnerable when we share something personal in our lives. We may feel weak for admitting that we needed help and that someone else was able to provide that for us. But the truth is that others view vulnerability as courageous and so should we.

When we give gratitude we share with others that they are making a difference and helping to impact others lives. We confirm they are on the right path. It is such a gift.

I urge you to share your experiences with those that have made a difference in your life because we all have the desire to feel seen, heard, and appreciated.

Is there someone you are holding back from expressing your genuine thanks to? Be courageous and share your love and appreciation with them, and know that you are also making a difference in their life too.

Stay beautiful,

Header Photo by Michael Heuss on Unsplash

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