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Some of my soul mate clients and industry peers have kind things to say about me 

“My experience working with Amy is that she is both this delightful, playful, fun woman to work with and she’s also deeply knowledgeable and grounded. She’s has a tremendous amount of skills where I felt super held and felt like she had the spaciousness where I was allowed and invited to be exactly as I was.  And from that place of being so deeply met, I experienced a lot of tranformation in ways I’ve been longing for for decades.”

“She helped me grow into my femininity and into my sense of womanhood that’s helped translate into other areas of my life where I feel much more confident in relationships.  Much more confident in the fullness of who I am.  And much more deeply integrated.”

Hilary Kern

Mind-Body Psychotherapist. Expressive Arts Therapist. Sex, Love & Relationship Coach.

“When I first reached out to Amy on a friend’s recommendation, I was extremely unsure of what to expect or if meeting her was something I even really needed to do, but I set the meeting up anyway.

Immediately upon meeting Amy face to face, I could feel the love and compassion she exudes and felt much more comfortable. In hindsight, I was coming up against some serious internal resistance, probably because I knew deep down that together, Amy and I were going to move some dense trauma and bullshit I had built my identity around.

Working with Amy was unlike the work I’d done with other facilitators or coaches. I had never experienced the creation of a container that was built on trust, comfort, love and support. Thats exactly what Amy does, from the second you step into her space all the way through to reconnecting with your inner child, or divine feminine.

You’re held in such safe space, and listening to Amy’s gentle guidance while meeting yourself deeply creates a deep sense of confidence and furthers your ability to do so.

Since working with Amy, I have reconnected with my divine feminine and have fallen in love with being a woman, knowing how to stand in my power. Knowing that I have power to stand in, in the first place!

That’s seeped into the rest of my life inevitably, the relationship I have with myself is saturated in love and compassion, a desire to understand myself instead of judging and condoning my human experience.

This has allowed me to see incredible improvements in the relationship I have with my boyfriend, mother and other key members of my community

I would highly recommend coaching with Amy for anyone who feels called to understand themselves better, heal core wounds and come into their power with humility and confidence. If you’re struggling in your relationships, and want to know how you can be part of the solution, Amy will give you the space, tools and knowledge required to deep dive into self, heal from the inside out and watch how that process transforms your entire life- not just your relationships.

You’ll find an elder, a goddess, a healer, a guide, a cheerleader and a friend in Amy. Thats not something you can say about every coach.”

Britannia W.

Vancouver, BC

Amy is an intuitive, deeply caring powerhouse who has been walking the walk ever since I’ve known her.

She has the kind of trustable compassion that is hard-won, and she is a deep well of embodied wisdom. I have seen her face into her challenges head on, over and over, and bring that same kind of love and commitment to her private clients.

Any woman looking to improve her self-love, bring out her inner badass, or go deeper into her sexual healing would be lucky to work with her.

Jordan Gray

Sex & Relationship Coach, Jordan Gray Consulting

“I am so happy I put my trust in Amy as a coach.

After being sexually active for 10 years, I had never had an orgasm during sex and had tried endless amounts of options available out there to try and make it happen. I was nervous to try coaching in case it was one more thing that didn’t work.

 As an intuitive coach, Amy was able to guide me through a process completely tailored to me as an individual. She completely changed my perspective on sex and pleasure.

Through working with Amy I stopped seeing orgasm as the only goal of sex and instead opened up so many new pleasures! I gained more self love, confidence, and increased sensation during sex. Then guess what happened without even trying…  orgasms during sex!

I have so much gratitude for Amy for helping me in more ways than I could have imagined before starting with her. I absolutely recommend anyone put their trust into her as a coach for self love and sex.”

Leanne K.

Vancouver, BC

“At 33 I am just beginning my exploration and a reclamation process of my pleasure and sexuality and all the things that stand in the way.

Amy is a natural space holder, she was able to create a safe container for me to show up in, to be witnessed and acknowledged in my raw states. She brings an embodiment of a nurturing, warm, strong feminine presence to her sessions which helped to build trust so I could go deep into my healing work.

Her coaching skills range from meditations, outside resources, inner child/shadow work among others.

Every session started with where I was at the time, and Amy expertly and intuitively guided me into where my body, mind and soul needed to go next.

I am forever grateful that there are women like Amy that are able to step into a role of a coach/guide and to help other women become fully embodies, alive, pleasure seeking, fully radiant feminine selves.

Give yourself the gift of self discovery, it is time to rise. “

Alla M.

Vancouver, BC

“Amy is all things magical yet grounded.

You can bring anything to her and it will be held with a great depth of loving compassion. Her presence has helped me transform deep subconscious blocks while bringing me back to my own inner wisdom again and again.

She’s truly the embodiment of feminine power, which is how you will feel after working with her too. “

Samantha Skelly

Entrepreneur & Emotional Eating Expert, Hungry For Happiness

“Amy has a warm and welcoming personality that allowed me to feel comfortable sharing personal situations without feeling judged or awkward.

Besides being so talented and knowledgeable, one of the greatest things about Amy is that she cares about her client. I really felt her eyes, ears, and heart 100% in our conversation.

Working with her helped me bring important things to light that I hadn’t noticed before and helped me listen to what my body needed.

Also, seeing her passion for what she does inspired me to follow my dreams! I’m very grateful for her work and I hope it reaches more and more people everyday!”

Lara B.

Vancouver, BC

“Amy has been an agent of change in my life. She is a woman who speaks openly and unashamedly about her own sexuality and holds nurturing, judgment-free space for other women to do the same.

Sexuality, sensuality and femininity have been foreign and awkward realms for me in many ways throughout my life. Amy’s guidance has helped me to restore my intuitive connection with my womanly body, including those parts that I had previously rejected.
During our work together, Amy offered me simple and meaningful strategies to communicate my needs for intimacy with my partner. As a result, our sexual connection has been better than ever before. With Amy’s support, I have been able to experience the pure bliss of truly being in my body and out of my head while making love to my partner. We are more connected outside of the bedroom too! I can honestly say that our relationship has moved to new levels that I didn’t even know were possible, and Amy’s support has been crucial to this breakthrough.
If you want to break down barriers from past sexual experiences, improve your communication with your partner, and step into your power as a woman, Amy is your gal.”
Simone V.

Vancouver, BC

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