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Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Life, But Can’t Seem to Find a Way?

With so much changing so rapidly in our current times, it’s understandable that you’d be faced with challenges and overwhelm. Your confusion, heartbreak, and uncertainty is welcome here. And it’s also my belief that with every ending comes an opportunity for a new beginning. That the unknown can be a gift that allows us to transform our fears, leap with our whole hearts, and create from our souls. We may not be in control of what happens to us… but we can control how we respond. And through the ashes you can rise anew, like the phoenix from the dark.

This is what coaching with me will help you do.

What Is empowerment Coaching?

a partnership

Coaching is primarily about respect, openness, compassion, empathy and commitment to speaking the truth. Together we’ll partner to create a conscious container for self-discovery. I’ll guide you to uncover your own answers, and encourage and support you on your path as you continue to make important life-changing choices. You don’t have to do this alone… I gotchu boo.

a space to heal

Through deep mind-body-energy processes you’ll have the opportunity to heal any fears, emotions or negative thought patterns that keep you feeling stuck. I’ll teach you how to restore safety, peace, love, joy and pleasure to your nervous system, so you can expand into your personal and professional potential. The results of coaching are greater self-love, integration and self-realization.

discovering clarity

In co-creating a safe environment, you’ll have the opportunity to discover what it is that you truly want that’s in alignment with your Original Essence. You’ll also awaken insights and a new awareness that will support you on your life’s path.

empowering a plan

We’ll stay focused on achieving the goals that matter most to you. Each session will leave you with clarity on your next steps, and a plan of action to follow through with. Yes I believe in energy and the Law of Attraction… but it’s nothing without the Law of Action.

First and foremost my coaching approach stems from unconditional love, presence and safety. That’s the medicine we all need to thrive, and it’s recognized by modern therapy as being true too.

The holistic coaching work we do together will take into consideration every aspect of your life – in relation to the whole. We will work on all levels of your being: instinctual, sensual, emotional, mental, and energetic.

My methodology has been informed by neuroscience, Gestalt, Integration therapy, somatic trauma healing, breathwork, Tantra, inner child work, meditation, and cutting edge research in Quantum Physics on the mind-body-energy connection (and how working on our inner world, can directly create new experiences in our outer world).

When you work with me, you’ll begin to change from the inside out, allowing you to reclaim and wake up lost parts of yourself that are full of wisdom, power and clarity. 

After working with me, my clients have reported feeling more self-love, confidence, empowerment, and emotional resilience. And an experience of becoming magnetic and attracting their desires with ease.

Plus they’ve gone off to meet the love of their lives, start the business’s of their dreams, and be more at peace sitting with uncertainty.

And now more than ever it’s time to go within and decide what you want your life to be.


a few words from past cliets…

“My experience working with Amy is that she is both this delightful, playful, fun woman to work with and she’s also deeply knowledgeable and grounded. I felt so held and like there was a spaciousness where I was invited to be exactly as I was.  And from that place of being met so deeply met, I experienced a lot of transformation in ways I’ve been longing for for decades.

She helped me grow into my sense of womanhood which has translated into other areas of my life. I feel much more confident in relationships.  Much more confident in the fullness of who I am.  And much more deeply integrated.”

– Hilary Kern, Expressive Arts Therapist + Body-Mind Psychotherapist 

I was getting overwhelmed with my work an working with Amy really helped me to recenter and find answers. 

She held me with so much love and compassion that I knew everything was welcome during the session. She gently challenged me when it was needed and I loved how she allowed me to go deeper into my emotions.

The exploration we did together helped me uncover an important piece of me and I’m still using that realization in my day to day life many weeks later.

– Nina Luka, Psychologist  + Sex, Love & Relationship Coach

I started having sessions with Amy after walking away from my ‘dream’ profession as a tarot reader and life coach, and feeling completely lost.

Everything, including my identity, was completely crumbling away from my life. I felt drained, emotionally blocked and detached from what I thought was my destiny.

She was so intuitive with my process of self discovery, and asked me questions that made me look at my situation in a completely different way. 

Even just after a few sessions, I left feeling more connected to myself, confident in what I truly wanted and where I dream to go next.

I would definitely recommend Amy to anyone who is currently feeling lost or disconnected from themselves or their life purpose. You already know the answers within, and during these sessions Amy provides you the key that opens that door.” 

– Haley Jane

I absolutely LOVE what I do and believe in this type of work… and I know it’s not for everyone and I’m not the ideal coach for everyone. Which is 100% ok!

It’s important for me too to only work with soul-aligned dream clients. These are women who are fiercely committed to showing up, doing the work, staying open-minded, and living wholeheartedly. This type of inner work takes courage and honesty, but the rewards are life changing!

So how do you know if I’m the right coach for you? If you can say YES to these four points then I look forward to jumping on a call with you!

1. YOU Resonate with me & my Approach

A great coaching experience requires a great relationship built on trust, possibility and mutual chemistry. This is because the entire premise behind coaching is becoming a powerful team to help you achieve the transformation you’re seeking. It’s important that we each feel a strong connection in order to go deep and explore tender and vulnerable conversations together. So if you feel energetically drawn to me, chances are we are a good fit. So I invite you to reach out and we’ll jump on a free call. 🙂

2. You're able to invest in the process

I know right now facing a worldwide pandemic has left many people facing financial uncertainty and loss. In order to support people going through challenging, I am offering a sliding scale and payment plans with my prices. Since this is also my livelihood, it’s still important for me to be compensated for the energy exchange.

However if you are in full on survival-mode, and need to go into debt to work with me, then I request you hold off for now. I know working with me will help you manage stress, anxiety and your emotions, BUT before investing in personal development it’s important to have your basic needs covered first so you can become more receptive to change and be able to commit to the work deeper.


This means you commit to doing practices and home-play between sessions and reaching out for support if need be. Resistance will come up, but that’s to be expected and celebrated because it means something is about to change! Together we can find create solution to work with resistance, but it’s ultimately your responsibility to do the work. What you put in, you get out. And it’s my role to offer you a space to heal, find clarity, and support you with the tools & knowledge you’re looking for to grow.


I am not a therapist, but I am a coach certified in therapeutic practices and methodologies. My professional training has been heavily focused on trauma awareness and gentle trauma healing. However, I am not a trauma “expert” or qualified to work with people who have done no work on serious trauma from their past.

This means that it’s important for you to have had some experience already in personal development such as yoga/meditation/counseling/therapy/coaching/etc., and that it’s given you a foundation of self-responsibility and self-awareness around your gifts, strengths, projections and patterns.

If you have some concerns or questions about this, I suggest we jump on a call and we can discuss your personal situation/history.

I want to make sure you get the right support you need!

How It Works

Schedule a Free 1 on 1

Think of this like a virtual coffee date. We’ll get to know each other, go over what you’re struggling with, explore your intentions, and I can answer any questions you have. By the end we’ll know if it’s a good fit. Zero pressure to sign up for anything!


Choose a Coaching Plan

  We’ll discuss plan options on our call and see what plan would make the most sense for you with where you’re at. I offer 4, 8, or 12 week packages. Bigger goals, deeper healing, and long term transformation require more time, but there are smaller packages if you just need short term support too.

Reach Your Goals

Then away we go! We’ll start ASAP and book in your first few sessions, and each week we’ll track your progress. By then end we’ll have a special celebration call where you can see and acknowledge how far you’ve come and how much has positively changed in your life.

are you ready to give it your all?



CUSTOM self-care practices



  • 600 hrs- Certified in Layla Martin’s VITA™ Methodology
  • Certified Sex, Love & Relationship Coach from the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality (TIIS)
  • Certified Female Sexuality Coach from TIIS
  • Certified Women’s Empowerment Coach from TIIS
  • Was a mentor for the coaches-in-training at TIIS
  • Trauma-informed Coach Trainings
  • Certified Usui Reiki Energy Healer
  • Teacher training From 2016-2019 under author & Transpersonal Therapist, Phil T. Mistlberger, with a focus on Jungian Shadow Work, Tantra, Conscious Relationships, A Course in Miracles, and The Western Esoteric Tradition.
  • Trained Neurofeedback Technician treating anxiety, despression, and trauma at a clinical counseling office.


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