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Feeling stuck and lost? Need some soul answers? Ready for a breakthrough?

Whether you’re letting go of an old career you used to identify with. Stuck doing work you hate. Or shedding an old message (or trying to find the right niche) in your business and feeling unsure what’s next for you creatively, I think I can help.

Think of me like your soulful bestie who’s used to diving in the cosmic deep end and helping others find alignment with their life purpose.

You’ll walk away with a clear map and action plan to move forward with more excitement, ease and clarity. 


“Amy is an incredibly talented healer. Her ability to guide her clients into the deepest place of vulnerability while holding a strong stance of pure love is exceptional. I’ve never felt such safety in my body as she guided me through healing modalities that helped me heal my inner child. I’m forever grateful for her brilliance and her support in my transformation.”

- Samantha Skelly, Entrepreneur & Emotional Eating Expert. Pause Breathwork, + Hungry For Happiness

“Amy is a natural coach. She said all the right things at the right time. Our conversation focused on self expression, self love and creativity as a tool for me to express myself in a healthier way going forward. I felt empowered and was able to push my ego aside and get over the negative self talk. Big win!! I’m so grateful for her support.”

Caroline Mac, Medical Doctor

“Amy is an intuitive, deeply caring powerhouse who has been walking the walk ever since I’ve known her. She has the kind of trustable compassion that is hard-won, and she is a deep well of embodied wisdom. I have seen her face into her challenges head on, over and over, and bring that same kind of love and commitment to her private clients.”

- Jordan Gray, Sex & Relationship Coach

I started having sessions with Amy after walking away from my ‘dream’ profession as a tarot reader and life coach, and feeling completely lost.

I was experiencing my Saturn return and everything, including my identity, was completely crumbling away from my life. I felt drained, emotionally blocked and detached from what I thought was my destiny. Usually I was the one to give others advice so it felt odd at first to be the one sitting on the other side. 

I had resistance to a lot of things, but Amy was able to help me see what the real cause of my resistance was, and gave me insight to where my attention was needed most. She was so intuitive with my process of self discovery, and asked me questions that made me look at my situation in a completely different way. 

After my first few sessions I left feeling more connected to myself, confident in what I truly wanted and where I dream to go next.

Now a new journey of art, self expression, and connection to my higher self, is set out in front of me and I’ve been inspired to channel my creativity to create something beautiful for myself, as I share it with the world.

I would definitely recommend Amy to anyone who is currently feeling lost or disconnected from themselves or their life purpose. You already know the answers within, and during these sessions Amy provides you the key that opens that door.

– Haley Jane

“working with amy helped me bring important things to light that I hadn’t noticed before and helped me listen to what my body needed.”

She has a warm and welcoming personality that allowed me to feel comfortable sharing personal situations without feeling judged or awkward.

Besides being so talented and knowledgeable, one of the greatest things about Amy is that she cares about her client. I really felt her eyes, ears, and heart 100% in our conversation.

Also, seeing her passion for what she does inspired me to follow my dreams! I’m very grateful for her work!”

– Lara B.

Vancouver, BC

“I was getting overwhelmed with my work and working with her really helped me to recenter and find answers.”

– Nina Luka

Psychologist + Sex, Love & Relationship Coach

“I was drawn to working with Amy because of her magical goddess energy! And I’m happy I trusted my intuition since working with her was exactly what I needed.

She held me with so much love and compassion that I knew everything was welcome during the session. She gently challenged me when it was needed and I loved how she allowed me to go deeper into my emotions.

The exploration we did together helped me uncover an important piece of me and I’m still using that realization in my day to day life many weeks later.

I would definitely recommend working with her if you want to feel supported and experience transformation in your life!”

When I first reached out to Amy on a friend’s recommendation, I was extremely unsure of what to expect or if meeting her was something I even really needed to do, but I set the meeting up anyway.

Immediately upon meeting Amy face to face, I could feel the love and compassion she exudes and felt much more comfortable. In hindsight, I was coming up against some serious internal resistance, probably because I knew deep down that together, Amy and I were going to move some dense trauma and bullshit I had built my identity around.

Working with Amy was unlike the work I’d done with other facilitators or coaches. I had never experienced the creation of a container that was built on trust, comfort, love and support. That’s exactly what Amy does, from the second you step into her space all the way through to reconnecting with your inner child, or divine feminine.

You’re held in such safe space, and listening to Amy’s gentle guidance while meeting yourself deeply creates a deep sense of confidence and furthers your ability to do so.

Since working with Amy, I have reconnected with my divine feminine and have fallen in love with being a woman, knowing how to stand in my power. Knowing that I have power to stand in, in the first place!

That’s seeped into the rest of my life inevitably, the relationship I have with myself is saturated in love and compassion, a desire to understand myself instead of judging and condoning my human experience.

I would highly recommend coaching with Amy for anyone who feels called to understand themselves better, heal core wounds and come into their power with humility and confidence.

You’ll find an elder, a goddess, a healer, a guide, a cheerleader and a friend in Amy. That’s not something you can say about every coach.”

– Britannia W.

Entrepreneur at Unpacked Shopping

“My experience working with Amy is that she is both this delightful, playful, fun woman to work with and she’s also deeply knowledgeable and grounded. She’s has a tremendous amount of skills where I felt super held and felt like she had the spaciousness where I was allowed and invited to be exactly as I was.  And from that place of being so deeply met, I experienced a lot of transformation in ways I’ve been longing for for decades.”

She helped me grow into my femininity and into my sense of womanhood that’s helped translate into other areas of my life where I feel much more confident in relationships. Much more confident in the fullness of who I am.  And much more deeply integrated.”

– Hilary Kern

Mind-Body Psychotherapist + Expressive Arts Therapist + Sex, Love & Relationship Coach

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