I recently started dating a new man and the whole natural birth control topic came up.

Now, I’m pretty witchy and all about honouring the flow of my menstrual cycle AKA. My Moon Time (it wasn’t always that way, but that’s a story for another day). So I figured out some natural birth control hacks that help me feel in harmony with my body.

I also experience PMDD… which is like PMS on steroids and can be super disruptive to my life (but I’m in the process of healing it naturally with my Naturopath, which has been quite the journey). The technical term for it is “Pre- Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder”, but God… how awful does that sound!?

So I call it my “Pre-Moon Divine Descent”… because you know… the words we choose to label things impacts our reality (so choose wisely). #reframe

And with this being a big part of my life, I figured it was best to give him a little “how-to love me best throughout my cycle” map to set us both up for success.

Because let’s be real… I change into four completely different women each week and this map was as much for me as it was for him.

Here it is:

This guide helps me track my cycle in combination with using natural birth control methods

This guide reminds me of what I need and how I generally feel throughout the month. It also helps me plan biz, life and relationship stuff like:

  • Hustle time, creating content, and having client calls.
  • Social butterflying, “getting out there”, and adventuring.
  • Hermit mode and curling up with a tub of dark chocolate Coconut Bliss while binge watching Outlander on Netflix with a hot water bottle on my womb.
  • Witching hour, and the best time to go inwards and explore behind the veil through sacred rituals.

You get it.

It’s not only a guide to help him understand me better, but it also helps me understand me better (because the love we want to receive starts with loving ourselves that way first). It helps me bring more love and compassion to myself through my cycles and seasons.

Get Yours Too:

And after I gave it to him, he said something along the lines of β€œI feel like every woman needs to create one of these for their partner/roommate/parent/housecat.” (😻 He’s the best haha).

And I thought to myself, “He’s right! I should share this tool on my Blog”.

And it wasn’t the first time I had heard this from a guy. Every time I talk to my male friends about my cycle (because I have very little shame talking period stuff to basically anyone lol), they all wish there was some sort of app or road map that reminded them of what their women needed too during that time (and this fact makes me appreciate the beautiful heart-centered men in my life so much).

Because honestly ladies… there’s just no way a guy will ever know what it’s like to hormonally shapeshift like we do… so I figured we could help them and ourselves out too. #yayharmony

So here we are. πŸ™‚

I’ve created a BLANK copy for you to download and fill in yourself:

Pop your details in here to get your own free Moon Time Lovin’ Guide:

(You’ll also have the option to confirm to receive the “Muse Letter” too.

Because remember we’re all different. Maybe you’ll see some things on my map where you’re like β€œOh ya… that’s SOOOOO me too!”. And maybe not.

And if you don’t actually know what your needs and feelings are during your cycle… I have some suggestions that helped me!

(Although I’m no expert here on this topic… always check in with your health care professionals before making big shifts when it comes to your body, hormones, and reproductive health):

1. Track Your Cycle with the “Natural Cycles” Natural Birth Control App

If you’re not on birth control, you might want to consider using Natural Cycles. It’s natural, hormone-free birth control. 93-98% effective backed by clinical data. And recognized by the FDA and CE as a method of birth control.

It’s what I use every day to track my cycle, fertility, and help me understand my body deeper.

It even gives you little messages reminding you of PMS coming up, and when the best time to do breast self-examinations are, etc.

Obviously it’s not for everyone, but I’m definitely a huge fan. If you want to try it out and get a free thermometer, send me an email and I’ll send you my referral link πŸ™‚ (this is not a sponsored post… I genuinely just love this app!).

Also you can give your man your log in details. That way he’s always in the know with where you’re at in your cycle.

2. Track Your Cervical Mucus

Learn about your cervical mucus and how it changes with your hormonal shifts and fertility.

Each phase of your cycle; follicular, ovulation, luteal, and menstruation, all produce something different in your panties. Paying attention to this gives you a lot of information about your body.

I learned all about this, and how to do it, from the Billings Method here.

It’s SOOOOO OBVIOUS to me now when I’m ovulating (and fertile) because our mucus changes drastically. I just never took the time to pay attention before.

This skill, in combination with the Natural Cycles App, can give you so much empowerment around your body and fertility.

3. Start a Moon Time Journal

For 3 months before bed, answer a couple questions:

  • What were my primary emotions today? (Sad? Horny? Pissed off? Confident? Insecure? Etc)
  • How did I feel in my body? (Crampy? Buzzing? Energized? Sluggish? Etc.)
  • What was I in the mood to do today? (Introvert alone and cry? Life of the party superstarrrr? Scream into a pillow and fantasize about throwing plates? Run 2 km along the seawall? Etc.)
  • What consistency and colour was my cervical mucus?
  • Bonus: What phase is the moon in during ovulation and my bleed? (I found that after tracking my cycle for months that I was actually syncing up with the Full and New Moons – MAGICAL ✨)

You can even journal all this in the Natural Cycle app if you want to keep it all in one place. Or keep a separate journal if you want. Something like a weekly agenda could work great.

Then after the three months (minimum… I did this for 2 years!), compare the data and see if you can recognize the patterns you go through each month.

Also if you’re serious about going deeeeeeeep with this, I highly recommend the Holistic Fertility Map from my girl Jasmine Rose, at Humble Wild Wellness. She’s a holistic birth doula and this is her zone of genius for sure.

Here’s a little educational video from Glamour Magazine just for fun…

Wishing you a happy empowered Moon Time!

That’s it! Period πŸ”΄πŸ˜‰

Header photo by Drew Tilk on Unsplash

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