Before we talk dolla dolla bills and making more money, I have a little back story to share about what inspired this post…

I get to interact with the most extraordinary women regularly! They’re boss witches in their own way. Doing their inner work. Listening to the whispers of their desires and souls. Valuing growth, connection and love.

But sometimes I hear that many of them just don’t know how to become financially free. So many areas of their lives are thriving but this one piece.

And trust me. I sooooo get it! Money mastery has been an area of challenge for me in my life too. But I’ve been working deeply these last few years on shifting my relationship to money… and I’m happy to say it’s working!

Now before I get into the beginner steps I took, I want to let you know I’m not writing this post from a place of “having it all figured out”. Just like you, it’s been a journey for me. I’m a few steps ahead of where I was a few years ago, which feels empowering and celebratory!

For so long I held the unconscious belief that if I was “spiritual” that I shouldn’t care about money and that if I somehow just repeated “I am abundant” enough times that things would change in my bank account.

Needless to say…. that didn’t work for me and left me feeling without a clue lol ðŸ™ˆ.

But just because I haven’t mastered it fully (I think it’s a life long journey really), doesn’t mean I can’t share the resources that have helped me the most so far.

Recently I shared my beginner steps with a woman via email, and she let me know it was valuable for her to hear. So I figured I’d share it on my blog in case it can help someone else too!

Here are a few simple things that have helped me dramatically on my money healing journey:

1. Bringing consciousness to my accounts 

I downloaded a budgeting tracking app. I use the app Toshl. This helped me bring awareness to my spending and income and learn to make conscious decisions in alignment with my goals and values.

And helped me live within my means, save for the future, manage emotional spending, and prevent me from feeling clueless (🤷‍♀️) around where my money went and how much I was making. 

Instead of feeling scarcity, I started to feel empowered, abundant and in control!

2. Educating myself 

I educated myself by reading books on investing (even when I found them to be a boring or had resistance to it).

So many of us didn’t have parents/schooling that taught us how to make money or manage money. And even now it’s a taboo and hidden topic for so many people that feel shame around this!

The book that’s helped me the most with this education is “MONEY Master the Game, 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom by Tony Robbins“.

3. Uncovering limiting money stories within me

Taking a look at my mind and stories around money help me shift my relationship to money. 

Books that helped me find practices and tools to do this were:

(If you can’t tell I’m a huge book nerd 🤓📚💖… but actually doing the practices in there are what made the biggest difference!)

4. Sharing my gifts and asking to be paid for them

I had a huge shift when I realized that money comes when I create something of value for someone else.

So the more I worked on helping and being of service, the more I attracted aligned energy exchanges in the form of money.

This was really hard for me to learn to charge for my services, because I had an old unworthiness wound that said “I have nothing of value to give”, but I overcame this by just creating with the intention to help just one person, and started to receive feedback from the Universe that what I had to give was enough by just being myself.

So my dear, that’s where I started!

I hope to continue sharing more with you about this topic as I expand and grow this area of my life too.

Stay Beautiful,

Header Photo by Kat Yukawa on Unsplash

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