When a woman is at home in her body she radiates.


While running my errands today this was reflected to me twice.

First by a man at a cross walk. As he approached me I felt a bit nervous. He was potentially homeless and behaving erratically, clearly bothering everyone he interacted with.

I took a deep breath and hoped the walk light would turn green. Repeating to myself “I am safe.” and grounding into my body and my power.

He walked right up to me and said, “Excuse me maam, but I couldn’t help but notice you look beautiful.”

I exhaled. Was fully present with him. Gave him an authentic smile. Looked him in the eyes.

I said, “Thank you for your compliment”.

His face lit up with joy. His energy calmed and he walked away in more peace than before not bothering anyone around him.

Then I entered my local dollar store (the woman there calls me Taylor Swift… she’s the cutest ever and doesn’t speak much English).

As I was purchasing a new journal she said “Everytime you’re around I feel like you are glowing. Having fun. No stress. I feel lightness.”

Again I flashed her a present smile and embraced her generous compliments.

And even though my life is not stress free, I knew what she meant. I was fully embodying my feminine energy.

I left feeling more alive and present. Feeling like I have so much love to give.

Feeling grateful for all the pain.
All the chaos.
All the healing I had done over the last few years to get me to where I am now.

Understanding the cycles of life and cherishing the present upswing and high.

Seeing how the shadow needs to be embraced to walk in our light.

When we do the inner work to love ourselves and feel confident in our skin, we shine.

And a part of embodying the Goddess within is also being able to recieve with grace.

When we deny or deflect compliments we are denying our own radiance.

We are telling the Universe “I’m not worthy”. And we are denying others the gift of giving.

So lay down your defenses, and allow your light to shine. You will undoubtedly brighten everyone’s path you cross.

Stay Beautiful,




Photo by J’aime Leigh Gianopoulos



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