Men we need your HELP if we are to heal and rise TOGETHER.

I have been feeling a message from the collective Feminine flow through me all day.

Pulsating in my bones and reverberating through my cells.

It still scares me to speak my truth. Not knowing how it will be recieved by your individual lense and world view.

I feel a tightness in my chest and a quickening of my heart.

I’m pushing through layers of thousands of years of conditioning that tells me it’s not safe to use my voice.

That I will be burned for it. Stoned. Raped. Murdered. Abused.

Be cast aside as a witch and a slut.

Or else be told to shut up and sit pretty (because apparently my only value comes from my looks, which I’m told decreases with aging and time.)

This is the imprinting left in my cells that I’m transmuting as I choose the Priestess Path. Healing my feminine spirit and sharing my journey as I go.

Men, this is a call from the Feminine for your SUPPORT.

We need your protection to keep us safe.
To speak up on our behalf.
We need you to do your own inner work.
Find conscious brotherhood.
Connect to your heart.
Get into your body.
Be present.
Ask permission and consent.
Hear our no’s and honour them.

We need you to worship our unique individual beauty and body temples as a sacred vessels for the Divine. To honour and respect our sexuality in our wild emotional sensual expression.

There is so much play and fun to be had when a woman reclaims her pleasure for herself. This wild woman can be generous. She becomes radiant. She wants to invite you in when she feels safe. She wants her beauty to be admired. She wants to surrender to you fully and be ravished by your desire.

We are doing our best to heal this within ourselves first. Working through shame and insecurity so that we may give and receive love fully.

And we have our work cut out for us.

For THOUSANDS of years women have felt suppressed.

In our anger.
Our expression.
Our sexuality.
Our voices.
Our power.

The Goddess is leading us down a path of reclamation.

We face resistance and fear as we purify the trauma stored in our bodies.

We are learning to honour our own body temples.
Learning to see our own beauty.
Connecting to our own desire and pleasure.
Finding our innate value and worth we were born with.
While also following our bliss.

But we still need your help.

For healing to happen there needs to be respect, connection and trust.

We need to know our boundaries won’t be crossed and that we are safe in EXPRESSING them. That you have the emotional maturity and self-love to handle our invitation or rejection (without question) when it doesn’t feel right for us.

I know we have hurt you. Just as you have hurt us too.

However this war between the wounded masculine and wounded feminine is killing us and our planet.

On behalf of women, I am sorry for the ways we have manipulated you with our sexual power. For the ways we have emasculated you and made you feel like less of a man. For the ways we have shamed your tears and denied you nurturance. For the ways we have not honoured your boundaries.

You are facing your own inner healing too.

This collective pain has come out in ways that has hurt us all. I see that. I have felt (and continue to feel) this pain deeply as it became conscious within myself.

The patriarchy (which is neither good nor bad) is simply a system that is becoming obsolete.

It has undervalued our sensitivity, emotions and intuition. And in rejecting these qualities of humanity, you have suppressed them within yourself too.

The rise of the Divine Feminine and the fall of the patriarchy does not mean the rise of a matriarchy. It means BALANCE in sacred UNITY.

There is a collective consciousness shift happening right now.

You can FEEL it. It is TANGIBLE.

Shakti is being activated.

Women are rising into their power. We are connecting to KALI. The dark goddess of Destruction. Our system is being destroyed so a new world can be rebuilt.

We are reclaiming our wildness. Our chaos. Our pleasure.

We are returning to our ALIVENESS.

Finding our power in ritual, sisterhood and connection.

We are becoming healers and midwives for Highest Consciousness and Universal Love.

We no longer are contempt to play nice. Be a good girl. And keep quiet.

Our rage is allowing us to speak and say “DON’T FUCK WITH ME. I love myself”.

We are daring to face our pain and heal our wounds.

And as the Divine Goddess rises on this planet to create balance, we need you to MAN UP by FEELING your feelings too.

This is a call for you to HEAL the wounded pieces that you have covered in anger and violence for fear of shedding your tears.

We need your VULNERABILITY. We want to see you and be seen intimately.

She is rising in YOU too. Challenging the Divine Masculine to rise with her.

This is a call for you to reclaim the lost PIECES OF YOURSELF.

To step into your WHOLENESS with us.

So that the Goddess in us may see the God within you.

Creating harmony on Earth in Sacred Union.

Men, do you also hear the call?

And are you willing to rise side by side?

Photo by Yoann Boyer on Unsplash

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