Want to know how to not be lazy anymore?

Watch this video.

I’ll explain my fave mindsets to help you find your motivation (and stop being so hard on yourself in the process!).

Hint: It’s rooted in self-compassion and self-empowerment! Not forcing yourself to be different.


  • Acknowledge that you’re not “broken”… every human being on the planet has the potential within them to express laziness (just like we all have the potential to express kindness, love, generosity, compassion, etc.)
  • Laziness is generally a part of our collective “Shadow”. Which means a quality that we reject, deny, shame, repress and label as “bad”.
  • So when we are expressing “laziness”, we tend to be really hard and judgmental towards ourselves, and feel more self-loathing… which drains our energy, and creates a downward spiral.

So… how to not be lazy from a place of self-love and compassion?

how to not be lazy
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STEP 1: Acknowledge you’re not a bad person if you’re feeling lazy right now, and give yourself some compassion and acceptance.

STEP 2: Recognize you’re most likely self-rejecting yourself for being lazy because you’ve been rejected by others in your past for being lazy … which is painful. Now is a time to treat yourself differently to heal this pain.

STEP 3: Heal it by owning it. Hey… we’re all lazy sometimes… no big deal!

That doesn’t solve the “problem” though… it’s just the starting point.

STEP 4: Get clear on what you want to embody instead… if it’s not laziness… maybe it’s motivation? Productivity? Driven?… you pick!

STEP 5: Realize that it’s not about being “productive” or “motivated” 100% of the time, but to realize BOTH qualities can exist within you. I call this inner tool “BOTH/AND”, instead of the mindset of either/or. Recognize that BOTH “laziness” AND “motivation” are not “who you are”… they are just states of being that you can express sometimes, and are very fluid.

STEP 6: Begin to identify as the one “doing the expressing” and not as “a lazy person”… it’s much harder to take action if you’re identified “as a lazy person”.

STEP 7: Begin to notice now that you have this awareness, that you can choose which qualities to express, and in that choice comes empowerment.

STEP 8: Take a baby step (or massive!) action to begin to collect evidence that you can ALSO be productive!

That’s it… pop you’re biggest take-away or questions into the comments below. Or reach out here.

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