Hey guys, I’m really freaking excited about something coming up over this next year and a half!

First off a little back story.

It feels like for the past two years, I’ve been through the ringer of evolution and growth. It started off with intense thoughts of feeling lost, despondent, and self-loathing. From the outside it may have looked like I had my shit figured out, but beneath the surface I sometimes felt like I was just guessing at this whole Life thing (obviously not all of the time, there were moments of clarity, but I definitely felt like there were months of hell with some crazy ups and downs).  Everything that I was unclear about started getting shoved in my face to be looked at and healed.

I’ve felt unsure of what to do next or which direction I wanted my life to go.

But, there was a big part of me that has learned to listen to the inner voice of intuition that has said, “Trust the process. Trust the experience you are having in this moment is the exact catalyst you need for your life’s work.”.

As I faced heartbreak, shame, grief, and disconnection I was forced to reach out for help. I started working to understand my patterns and myself.

I sought out conversations, books, courses and teachers that could guide me through the pain and disconnection I was feeling from myself and others.

And I trusted that I was being divinely guided. Even on the hardest days, I kept faith that I was growing.

I knew that this was an Initiation into my power as a Woman.

If I kept strong, kept on path, and kept opening my beautiful heart up to the signs, then I would eventually understand why everything had to be as it was. The adversity I was facing was there to teach me.

I started exploring my interests around creativity, female sexuality, and conscious relating. I started practices that helped me get into my body, understand my emotions, and express myself in more clear and authentic ways.

And what it’s come down to is self-love and self-expression. Being exactly as I am, owning it, and sharing it with the World.

I had to learn the practice of accepting the parts of myself that I was afraid to share with others. I focused on healing and integrating my shadow.

I had to start owning the fact that I am deeply interested in studying female sexuality, creative energy, and conscious relationships.

It came down to my desire to serve and share my light with the World.

Because of this realization and my ability to start owning my desires more fully, things have been manifesting like CRAZY in my life.

You know those moments when you think of a person you’ve met once a few months back, and the next day they connect with you. Or you envision what your most aligned mentor would teach you and the next week you get an email with that exact offering. Or you wonder how you will afford following your dreams, and then suddenly you have an abundance of money flow to you that is the EXACT amount you need.

Shit like this has been happening left, right and center. I feel so IN FLOW.  And to me this all comes down to setting CLEAR intentions and letting go of the HOW, but still taking inspired action (Law of Attraction 101, baby).

Really diving deep into WHAT DO I ACTUALLY WANT. And not being afraid to share that with yourself, Spirit, and others that you trust.

Because the Universe and your community can’t support you if you are too afraid to open up about what you actually want.

And if like me, it at first seems unclear exactly what it is that you want, start of by following the bread crumbs from the mini interests you want to learn more about.

Start off by looking into your own life and see which areas you crave the most freedom and growth.

Start off by looking into your childhood and see what activities and subjects you naturally gravitated towards.

Ask your friends, family, and co-workers how you show up for them, how they see you, and what your strengths are.

Find mentors who are rocking it at life and serve as inspiration and teachers.

Surround yourself with friends that are doing awesome things with their lives and who want to see you grow, expand, and step into the highest version of yourself.

And most of all, don’t be afraid to INVEST in yourself.

When I got curious about getting to know myself, the pieces of the puzzle slowing started to come together. But it didn’t happen over night.

And truthfully the puzzle is never finished. The layers of who we are peel back indefinitely.

But back to my original share.  Enough suspense… what exactly has open up for me (because I followed the above steps!) that has me so excited?

I’ve been accepted into a coaching certification program focused on love, conscious relationships, and sacred sexuality with my mentor Layla Martin!!! 

My intention is to train to become a Self-Expression and Pleasure coach for women rooted in teachings of self-love and empowerment.

I’m incredibly stoked to continue to explore the depths of feminine power and reawakening this energy on our planet.

This journey feels incredibly scary, but exhilarating at the same time.

There were so many voices of fear in my head that tried to stop me from following this call of my soul.

– What will my family/friends/strangers think?

– Everyone is already a “coach”, “healer”, or “lightworker”. Why bother trying to go down this over saturated path.

– There are people in my community already doing similar work, so why would anyone want to work with me.

But you know what… the voice of the inner critic is rooted in fear and has one job, and that’s to keep us safe. For each of these Ego objections my Higher Self was able to rebut (and that skill of talking back to my critic didn’t just happen either —self-love is a practice!).

I know that this path involves risk, it involves courage, and it involves vulnerability and putting myself out there.

I could sit back in my comfort zone and slowly stagnate and live a mediocre life, missing out on passion, creativity, and growth. Or I could just fuck it and take the step trusting the bridge will be there and that this is something that deeply excites me!

My ego knows that by keeping me small that I wouldn’t have to face the unknown.

The unknown looks like going first and changing myself, and leading by example. I have to embody my work and show up in a bigger way. And that shit is scary as fuck. But I’m stepping up to the challenge.

And because I recognize that I crave more from life, and I’m aching to serve the World with an even brighter light, then I must have the power and can choose not to listen to these fears.

SO that is where I’m at. I’m in the process of unlocking my gifts to an even greater degree so that I can better show up for you.

I’m sure there will be twists and turns along the way as I become even more precise with my intentions as new information and experiences open up my path, but for now this program is the next step. And it’s oh SO exciting!

This blog has been an incredible stepping stone for my own self-discovery, and I know it has been a huge factor in me unlocking my creative genius and guiding me towards the path that is my purpose.

And starting it wasn’t easy either. My inner critic tried every story in the book to keep me from pressing publish. But I’m glad I did. I recognized the call in my heart to start writing, and I knew it was the same voice that I can’t ignore now. The same one that I must trust has my best interest in mind and knows a deep inner wisdom that holds me to my highest potential.

So here I go. On a new journey of self-discovery. I’m diving deep into my own divine femininity, self-expression, sensuality and pleasure to see my creativity unfold and my manifesting power continue to soar, while sharing the wisdom I uncover along the way.  This is how I plan to create impact and help to heal the planet in my own unique way.

Am I afraid? Totally. There is no courage without fear.

But do I trust? One hundred percent.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you so much and thank you for being so supportive along the way. I can’t wait to teach what I learn in the process.  To help release the collective shame and guilt we feel around our bodies and sexuality, and help women feel more connected to the alive sensual Goddess within each and everyone of us that is completely WILD and FREE.

My heart is so grateful for everyone and every situation that has lead me to where I am today.

Seriously…. thank you.

I want to leave you with this. If there is something you are being called to that is scary as shit, I say fucking go for it! Sure, the pieces won’t magically appear right away. You might have to crawl through some mud. You’ll have to put in the work little by little, but as the vision of your life starts to blossom it will start feeling pretty fucking magical… I promise.

Keep following that bliss and Stay Beautiful,

Header Photo by J’aime Gianoploulos

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