I was recently asked by a soul sister what my monthly full moon ritual looked like. So I thought it would be great to share here too. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to bring your desires into existence using the Moon’s energy.

Keep in mind everything is adaptable and this is just my own guideline. As always, follow your intuition, take what your love, and leave the rest.

The moon is a such powerful force of nature. It controls the rains, the waters, the season, and the tides (fun fact: we’re also made up of mostly water). So why not tap into it’s incredible magic to help you manifest your dreams?


I like to make sure I am completely comfortable and connected to my space before I start any ritual. You won’t want your phone going off, or a grumbly tummy once you start, so make sure you take care of any needs or tasks that may distract your mind beforehand (silence your phone and shut your laptop!)

Try lighting some candles and incense to create a feeling of relaxation. If you’re indoors you can make a soft pillow lair on your floor, or sit where you meditate (if you do).

Got a favourite chill instrumental playlist that really gets you in the spiritual mood? Throw that on too if you like.

Another great option is to actually go outside and soak up the juicy moon rays directly. You can bring everything you need with you out on your balcony, backyard, forest, beach, rooftop, etc.

The point is to feel cozy, safe, and relaxed.

I like to bring with me any crystals or talisman that help me feel connected to my Higher Self. Some good starter gems are quartz crystal (energetic cleansing) and moonstone (helps connect to channel lunar energy).

Once you’re settled you can also smoke cleanse the space with sage, palo santo, sweetgrass or your favourite incense. This practice helps to cleanse and clear the energies of yourself and your environment.


We’ll be getting into our bodies in just a second, but for a moment I invite you to first dive into your thoughts. Grab your journal and do a bit of free writing. Get down anything that has been on your mind for the last couple weeks. Write anything that comes to mind. For me a page is usually enough, but if you feel compelled to keep writing, by all means this is your time to do so.

After your mental word purge— reread it and see what is most apparent to you. This is a great way to find out what your focus or intention should be during this upcoming moon cycle. For example, sometimes I see that I’m craving more clear communication, inspiration or abundance. Or often fears come up that aren’t serving me and need to be released.

With this info you can create your intention for the full moon ritual. It should be something that can be easily remembered and summed up in a sentence or two. For example, if I’ve had a recent argument or miscommunication with a loved one, I may set the intention of “I desire to communicate clearly with ease and have love flow freely in all my relationships.”

It’s super important that our intention comes from a place of love and it’s the highest good for all those involved.

I also set different types of intentions for both the New Moon and the Full Moon.

For the Full Moon ritual, think of something you are ready to release. This correlates with the time that the moon is losing it’s light (waning phase).

The reverse is also true. You can set an intention on the New Moon ritual for all the joyous goodies your are ready to draw into your life as the Moon fills up again (waxing phase). The New Moon is associated with new beginnings and planting seeds.

If during your journaling you discover fears or limiting beliefs that are holding you back, feel free to write them on a separate piece of paper and burn them.  Symbolizing the purification of your thoughts and releasing them from your body.


Now is the time we can release all the thoughts of our day. Sit comfortably, and focus on your breathing. I want you to meditate on the moon’s energy. Envision it’s light filling you up with each deep full belly breathe. Breathe right into the pelvic floor which activates your sexual and creative energies helping to manifest your intention.

– Inhale. Sparkling moonlight energy fills you.

– Exhale. Send your intention to the moon.

Repeat this pattern for as long as you wish. Around 11 minutes is usually perfect for me. Then slowly bring your awareness back into your body.


While I’m in this enchanted and relaxed state, I like to take the time to connect to my Goddess cards. I’ll pull a card to see what other guidance is available to me during this upcoming cycle. This can give you some insight on some overarching themes of your present or future situation. My favourite deck is the Goddess Guidance Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue.


Take time to thank the Goddesses and the Moon for their guidance, wisdom, and power. The vibration of gratitude is extremely high and has the power to absolutely attract miracles into your life. Take time to thank yourself as well for the intentionality and love you are putting into your life.

Then write down your intention and put it somewhere that you can see it. Whether that means your fridge, cork board, phone screen, vision board, or calendar- having it as a visual reminder will help focus your thoughts on making it come true.

Keep those feel good vibes high by feeling blissful for the rest of your evening! Now’s a great time to treat yourself to a self-care date. Lather up some coconut oil and give yourself a self-love massage or draw yourself a steamy Epsom salt bath. Pick your fave self-care activity and indulge in your me-time.


This is one of my favourite parts! During your journaling practice at the start of your next ritual, take a moment to reflect back on your previous intention. I encourage you to look for evidence over the past two weeks for all the ways in which it came true!

I promise that if you are looking, you will definitely see the magical manifesting results of this incredible practice.

Happy manifesting gorgeous Goddess!

Stay Beautiful,

PS. If you want a deep dive sensual embodiment practice (aka. Sex Magick), so really help you super charge your intention, check out this free guided meditation here!

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