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Welcome beautiful human!

Whenever someone ask’s me “What’s new?” I’m like….


“Hmm… not much.  I’ve just been tryin’ my best at healing my emotional wounds, getting clear on who I am and what I want, growing a heart-centered business that shares my gifts, being the best version of me, forgiving those that hurt me, eating well, exercising, meditating, evolving, breaking generational trauma patterns, and pondering the nature of reality and the Universe.”

….you too?

Well then we’re gunna be GREAT friends!

I’m so grateful you’re here.

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I believe we’re just souls playin’ dress up as humans for awhile.


I like making art + helping people love themselves.

I’m just a small “Hippie-Town” girl who moved to a rainy West Coast city to go to Fashion School once upon a time. Who’s now on a journey to livin’ wholeheartedly.

I started blogging about my journey of self-discovery in 2015 after I hard breakup. It dug up some old childhood grief from when my dad died. During this time I was feelin’ pretty raw, vulnerable and broken open. It took years of inner healing work to feel worthy + self-loving again, and kick toxic addictive patterns. But I got there.

At first, sharing my writing was just for my own self-healing (and even now, as a Creative I NEED this kind of outlet, or else I go a little crazy… ya feel me? Lol), but soon readers started reaching out for “coaching sessions”… which was a new thing I hadn’t considered before.

So in 2017 I went to “Tantra School” for a few years and got certified as a Women’s Empowerment Coach in Layla Martin’s VITA™ Methodology. Then spent a year mentoring her students in her certification program while working with my own 1:1 clients on the side.

From there I started geeking out hella hard on mysticism, quantum physics + the neuroscience of transformation. (Down the rabbit hole I went!)

Which landed me a job as a Neurofeedback Technician, where I now get to support people in optimizing their brains and healing anxiety, depression, and trauma. 

Plus online, I still work with a few (super aligned) 1:1 Self-Love + Empowerment Coaching Clients (is that you? If so, reach out for more details.).

But really this blog is just a space where I can share the inner tools and strategies that have helped me feel expressed, fulfilled and happy in my life. And also give you practical ways to understand yourself, and manifest your dreams too.

Plus it’s a place where I can go to create things that sing to my soul (like pretty eco T-shirts that spread love + help young girls).

In hopes that my path may inspire you to follow the call of your own Creative Soul too.

And trust the loving guidance of The Universe along the way.

Thanks for being here!

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