Gosh, for awhile I was soooo disconnected from my mission and felt drained, exhausted and not enough.

When I first started my Soul Work intuitive coaching, after building a massively successful dance company (using the Law of Attraction), it was so innocent and creative! It flowed out of me easily and effortlessly. I was absolutely magnetic.

And I was getting results. Clients sought ME out from energetics. And just by being in my energy field my clients were getting massive transformations!

But then something happened.

I started to second guess myself. Because you know… I wasn’t “certified” and I had zero professional business or marketing training.

So… I figured why not go learn from the “experts”. I took program, after program, after program in online marketing, coaching and business strategy.

I spent YEARS trying to “follow the rules” of what I “should do” to get results.

And guess what happened during that time…

I completely lost touch with myself, my message and my Soul.

I got exhausted and burnt out. Old old traumas surfaced that I thought had long been resolved. My health crashed. My hope died. And I found myself overwhelmed in massive credit card debt.

I sat there looking at my life thinking… what the heck just happened?

It wasn’t that long ago I felt alive, clear and I inspired daily in my business! With such certainty that I was here to serve and had a message to offer the world.

So… I decided to let it all go. And come back home to myself.

I put down the self-help. Stopped the personal development binging. And let go of certain spiritual communities I was apart of.

And I just waited. And listened. And moved towards the things that felt good again.

I picked back up reading fantasy novels just for fun.

I started dancing and hanging out with my friends (and not talking about our wounds and inner work).

I started playing, laughing, and “lightening” up for lack of a better word.

I stopped trying to “fix” my life and business and just lived.


It all came back to me.

Our lives are meant to be LIVED.

The things that call to us are there for a reason. Our desires are meant to be fulfilled.

The more I moved towards the things that LIT me up, the more I came alive.

I had energy again. I felt connected to a deeper part of myself. Creative downloads came pouring in. My soul’s mission came back online louder than ever.

Speaking to me softly at first, then booming from within!

“This is it.”, it said.

Pleasure is the answer. Follow your bliss.

Permission to have it be easy. Permission to express all that just is.

So often we get lost in trying to “figure things out” and “get it right”. But we forgot there’s a wisdom within us that can guide us to our highest vision for our lives.

After saying yes to my joy and pleasure again, I attracted my soul mate partner without even trying to date.

The money I needed to pay of my debt appeared without me having to “do anything”.

And soul mate clients starting booking themselves back in, because I felt inspired and energized to start creating soul-led content again.

We’ve forgotten it gets to be easy when were listening to the wisdom from within.

And that’s my mission. Helping soul-led visionaries and feminine  entrepreneurs remember that they already have everything they need within, it’s only a matter of having the courage to say YES to their own pleasure and wisdom.

Ready to transform exhaustion, self-doubt and fear to fully step into a life and business that feels fun, in flow, free and fulfilling?

Pleasure is the medicine.

And I have limited space right now for a few free Clarity Call consultations.

Let’s getcha booked in!

what lights me up

I’m freakin’ obsessed with sci-fi and fantasy. The Robert Jordan “Wheel of Time” Series are my fave books, I’m a super geek for Final Fantasy 7, and “The 5th Element” is my fave movie of all time!

what lights me up

I love geekin’ out on Quantum Physics, Neuroscience, and Energy Medicine for fun!


 I believe “Magick” and Manifesting is just science of the future (and right now). 😉

what lights me up

I’m a fan of crafter-noon and love DIY projects!

Don’t get me started on a good thrift store score… sooo good. Even if I had billions in the bank I’d still LOVE shopping for treasures in second hand stores!

what lights me up

In Western Astrology I’m a Gemini Sun, Cancer Moon, and Pisces rising.

In Vedic I’m a Taurus Sun, Gemini Moon, and Aquarius Rising (Punarvasu Nakshatra)

Human Design: Manifesting Generator (Emotional Authority, 5/1 Profile)

Myers Briggs: INFP

Enneagram: #9 Peacemaker

Top 5 CliftonStrengths from Gallup: Intellection, Adaptability, Connectedness, Empathy, Developer.

Clearly I’m into personality tests lol.


what lights me up

I love sparkles and playing dress up! In my early 20’s I ran my own Go-Go Dancing company and graduated from Fashion School.

For awhile I also had a handmade crochet bikini business!

Hey Babe!

I’m Amy Meraki. I help visionary leaders, creatives and SOUL-LED Entrepreneurs to transform fear, uncertainty, self-doubt and exhaustion into a business they absolutely LOVE that feels like an extension of their Soul — easy, fun, effortless and in flow. So that they can get paid, doing what they love, and live a life of freedom that’s fulfilling AF.

For the last 10 years I’ve been speaking, coaching and teaching about women’s empowerment. I left my small town at 21 and started my first go-go dancing business which quickly blew up! Before long I was sharing the stage with international talents like Skrillex and Afrojack. After dance retirement I became a top certified Tantric Sexual Empowerment Coach and helped women fall in love with their bodies, their pleasure, and themselves. Helping them achieve the confidence, magnetism and aliveness they always dreamed of.

Now it’s my mission to support the rise of Divine Feminine Consciousness on the planet as a new wave of feminine leaders answer The Call. Women who are here to show humanity that there’s another way to live and thrive that doesn’t suck the life force out of us or the planet. A way that honours alignment over hustle, and serves the Highest Good of All.

I believe when a woman is connected to her body, intuition and soul, that it gives her permission to radically express ALL of who she truly is, which lights her up and lights up the world.

Through my coaching, trainings and free content online I teach women how to transform fear, and how to embody the skill of tuning in and turning on. So she can fully step into her power, get paid to be herself, live free, and do good in the world.

It’s so amazing to have you here!

Are you ready to say YES to your Soul Work?

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