Allow me to introduce myself, my name’s Amy and I facilitate deep inner healing work.

How did I get into this you might ask? Here’s the short version…

In 2014 I had just moved to a new city for a fresh start. I had struggled with addictions and eating disorders for almost a decade, and felt pretty lost and directionless.

I ended up in co-dependent relationship shortly after moving. Only to be blindsided and left suddenly. Which triggered deep unconscious abandonment trauma from when my dad died as a teenager.

The pain was so unbearable that I turned to spiritual teachings and personal development to help me survive. I was at rock bottom and needed to figure out a way to change my life.

I began seeking meaning and purpose to help with depression and anxiety, but I kept bumping up against the wound of feeling unworthy and not enough.

The immense pain I was feeling put me on the path of holistic inner healing and self-love. And gradually over time, with the help of teachers, therapists, coaches, and community, I went deep into self-discovery. Where I found so much joy, peace, freedom and aliveness within my own body.

I finally started to feel whole again.

Not only that… but I started to thrive.

During this time I started a self-help blog to share what I was learning. And soon readers started reaching out for “coaching sessions”.

So in 2016-2018 I went to “Tantra School” and got certified as a Women’s Empowerment Coach in Layla Martin’s VITA™ Methodology. Then spent a year mentoring her students while also working with my own clients.

And now we’re here. It’s my honour to help you to rise and thrive through your own transformation too.

I look forward to connecting with you!


I’m freakin’ obsessed with sci-fi and fantasy. The Robert Jordan “Wheel of Time” Series are my fave books, I’m a super geek for Final Fantasy 7, and “The 5th Element” is my fave movie of all time!


I love geekin’ out on Quantum Physics, Neuroscience and Energy Medicine for fun!

I believe in magick while also keeping our feet firmly planted on the ground.



In Western Astrology I’m a Gemini Sun, Cancer Moon, and Pisces rising.

In Vedic I’m a Taurus Sun, Gemini Moon, and Aquarius Rising.

Human Design: Manifesting Generator (Emotional Authority, 5/1 Profile)

Myers Briggs: INFP

Enneagram: #9 Peacemaker


I love sparkles and playing dress up! In my early 20’s I ran my own Go-Go Dancing company and graduated from Fashion School.


I’m a trained Neurofeedback Technician and before COVID-19 I worked at a clinical counselling office.


I’m scared of swimming in the ocean! (Unless I can see the bottom and there’s little to no waves).

Heal from home

Start Creating Your New Life Today.

Together we'll create a map and plan for your dreams & goals. I'll help you heal what's holding you back, let go of overwhelm, transform your inner critic and feel at ease.

You can expect a safe space to heal your emotions, find clarity, and come into your power... even through the most difficult times.

You don't have to navigate big changes alone. And it's my honour as a trauma-informed trained professional to support you in becoming who you're meant to be.

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