When you awaken your body you activate your power.

Inside every woman is a Goddess waiting to rise.

And intuitive force of wisdom, pleasure & passion.

All you need to do is learn to feel  Her.





I desire a world where women feel orgasmic ripples of aliveness and bliss on the regular. Where she can authentically express ALL that she is without apology and feel empowered to become the Creatrix of her own life.


(Cheesy I know… but it’s my jam. However, uncovering my soul’s purpose was no easy process…)



How did I get into this whole “Healer” thing?

Most people will tell you that when they think of me the first thing that comes to mind is glitter and unicorns. Because ya… I hang out in those realms often. But there’s more beneath the surface.

Ready for the deep, dark, dirty shit? (Potential trigger warning).

I’m no stranger to shadow work. I’ve found that the brighest pieces of our original essence are illuminated from fully feeling our pain and emotions.

My spiritual awakening in this sense was not gentle. I didn’t casually stumble upon yoga or decide that meditation might be a nice addition to feel some inner peace (although there’s nothing wrong with going that route!).

Instead, I was thrown head first into an existential crisis. Leading me through the fire of my unprocessed past wounds. Right into grief, heartbreak, addiction and despair before waking the fuck up to the Divine perfection within everything (technically called the “Dark Night of the Soul”).

The catalyst was traumatizing breakup from my first deep love.

We went back ‘n forth for years. Facing our wounds and trying to navigate deep intimacy. Forcing me to become conscious if I wanted things to change. It was an alchemical reaction that started burning away everything not in alignment with my soul.

The purification got real.

As a party girl, I wasn’t used to feeling so much since I had long shut down my feelings in favour of getting wasted.

A fuck ton came to the surface.

I had supressed pain from being bullied and slut-shamed in middle school. The emotional trauma from this resulting in painful sex, feeling shut down and not being able to enjoy sex or orgasm with a partner. Always feeling broken and stuck in my head. Living in a story that women would betray me and men only wanted me for my body. Leaving me feeling lonely and like I didn’t belong. Thinking I had no value to give.

I had supressed the shame of numbing this pain through drugs, disconnected sex, shitty body image, being raped, eating disorders and excessive partying for a decade plus.

But as bad as it sounds, I was pretty good a hiding it all from the world. From the outside it might have actually looked like I had things figured out. I was a honour student. A natural artist. A professional go-go and burlesque performer (which I was the only thing I was passionately in love with). And was constantly told I was “pretty” by most standards.

But inside I was dead. Doing everything in my power to disengage and numb out from reality.

I put on a postitve people-pleasing mask so that others would like me.

I was a “high funcationing addict” living in the closet. Hiding this even from myself.

It’s no wonder I was having intimacy problems once I finally started to let someone in. I had built up so many hardened emotional layers between me and my inner truth.

This supressed emotional trauma left me feeling not enough and anxious in most areas of my life. Not really knowing who I was, what I wanted, or what it even meant to be a woman in her power in the modern world.

When I chose to consciously deal with my shit, I had no idea where to start. It felt overwhelming to learn to love myself. Everything in my life came into question.

So I hired my first self-love coach. 

And that was it. I was hooked. A personal development junkie for life was birthed. I finally starting to understand that I was the source of everything in my life. And with that understanding, it meant I could change things by changing within.

I became curious about this whole human experience. I found as I started clearing the emotional pain with radical acceptance, I became connected deeper to my inner guidance and Universal Source. I was led down a rabbit hole of women’s work and healing. Espeically around our bodies, sexuality and reclaiming lost pieces of ourselves.

In my rapid spiritual evolution, I began obsessively journaling, reading what felt like the entire self-help section, attending workshops, sisterhood circles, and intentionally using plant medicines.  Plus working with mentors to show me what’s up (which is now just my lifestyle – a student of Life, teaching what I learn as I go).

 I knew I was meant for more. My story and healing was not just my own.

I commited to myself and “The Work”. And I haven’t looked back since.

At some stage in the process I finally surrendered to Divine Will.

Asking the Universe to use me in service of the Highest Good of All. Trusting that there was a reason I was going through the turmoil and on the fast track of awakening.

And as I aligned myself internally, my inner guidance and pleasure came back online. Life started flowing. Wisdom from my Higher Self (available to us all) poured through me. A high vibe community showed up. Syncronicities became the norm and my desires started manifesting with ease.

During my upgrade, magic became my new baseline. 

And my pussy became my oracle as I got out of my head and into my body.

Having gone through all this, it became clear that I’m here to serve the rising of the Divine Feminine by teaching self-love and holistic sexual empowerment. Because I know where that path can lead.

It can lead to feeling free, sexy and confident. Being turned on by life. Cosmic orgasms. Intuitive superpowers. Trusting yourself deep to the bones. Radiated your pure essence out into the world. And unlocking your soul gifts and creative fire.

After the journey to the shadowy Underworld, you have access to your innate wholeness.

It’s an intitation into Womanhood. A reclaimation of your Power.

It leads you to your pleasure which is nourishment for your wild feminine spirit. 

I now work with women who desire this connection to themselves.

They’re ready to dive deep into the layers of who they truly are.  Ready to clear the blocks of shame, guilt and fear that they’ve taken on from a patriarchal society, so that they can feel their body’s wisdom and manifest their desires with ease.

They’re ready to awaken the Goddess within to all of her expression. Not just the soft, flowy, sweet and nice that we’ve been conditioned to believe is “feminine”. But also the fierce, chaotic, and wild feminine. A woman who is free to flow between all of her changing states without apology.

Because it’s in embodiment where we find this integration and freedom. Freedom to express.  Freedom to love deeply. And freedom to be yourself so fully that you may too step fully into your highest purpose, pleasure and passion.

Are you ready to rise?


(If you’re into that sort of thing.)

There’s a few titles I could identify with:

Conscious Creatrix. Pleasure Priestess. Queen Activator. Modern Mystic.

But my more boring “official title” is that of a Self-Love & Sexual Empowerment Coach. 

Titles don’t really mean much to me though. I’m more interested in supporting you to orgasmically thrive in ALL area of your life. Especially awakening your most authentic and alive expression of your vibrant feminine radiance.

On my path I was guided to teachers and mentors that were a full FUCK YES for me. For years I studied with them for my deepest healing and empowerment, giving me the tools and transmissions to help you heal on a mind, body and energy level. Dedicating hundreds of hours to tantric and taoist practices while getting certified in modern coaching methodologies under top industry leaders. Blending the practical and metaphysical; giving a balance of logic and intuition.

  • I worked with Kelsey Grant of Radical Self-Love and graduated from her Self-Love 101 Program.
  • I’ve completed a 600hr Sex, Love & Relationship Coaching Certification Program from the Mistress of Pleasure herself, Layla Martin, at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality. Which afterwards led me to be hired on as a mentor for her students in the following year.
  • Since the start of 2016, I’ve been in ongoing studies and apprencticeship under author and Transpersonal Therapist, Phil T. Mistlberger, with a focused on Shadow Work, Tantra, Conscious Relationships (Teacher Training level 4), A Course in Miracles, and Alchemy.
  • I have my Level I Usui Reiki certification.
  • I assist Rising Woman Sisterhood to co-facilate a weekly women’s healing group in Vancouver, BC.

It’s my commitment that I’m also doing my inner work, so that I can support you from a place of integrity. I believe in transformational work, and so as a coach, I have my own support systems. I continue to invest in myself, education and personal growth experiences, teaching from what I learn as I go as a perfectly imperfect human. 

❝ Amy is all things magical yet grounded. You can bring anything to her and it will be held with a great depth of loving compassion. Her presence has helped me transform deep subconscious blocks while bringing me back to my own inner wisdom again and again. She’s truly the embodiment of feminine power, which is how you will feel after working with her too. ❞


~ Samantha Skelly, Entrepreneur & Emotional Eating Expert  www.hungryforhappinesscom


Ready to become the Queen of Your Universe?

Let’s see if I can help.


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