I found this sexual empowerment talk I gave a few years ago collecting dust in a old desktop folder, and figured it’s never too late to share it!

It’s from a time when I was go-go dancing on the reg, and had learned some pretty potent lessons about self-love and sexual empowerment from it.

The 5 Key Sexual Empowerment Lessons I Touch on Are:

  1. Honour your desires and let go of the fears around what other people will think.
  2. Love your Body.
  3. You are Divinity embodied.
  4. Boundaries- Respect yourself, and so will others.
  5. Reclaim your sexuality and pleasure for you.

Plus give you 5 suggested practices you can do on your own that don’t require you to shake your tush on stage as a professional go-go dancer to embody the same lessons for yourself.

All of which can help you create more body love, confidence and freedom in your life and in the bedroom.

Hope you enjoy! Feel free to send me any comments or thoughts to my inbox.

Much love,

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