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Hey girl.

I’m Amy, an intuitive super-dork and Transformational Coach who’s passionate about healing the planet by healing within.

My areas of expertise are self-love, sexual empowerment and self-expression. Which basically means I support you in becoming your most badass Goddess Self.

To help you get there, I’ve created the The Radiant Woman, a 1:1 coaching program which gently guides you to melt your blocks to pleasure and embracing your feminine power. So that you can become magnetic in your authentic expression in love and life.


100% done with self-abuse and self-doubt and ready to become a high value woman who manifests what she wants and is unapologetic. One who feels confident in her body. Liberated in the bedroom. Worthy in relationships. And aligned with Source in her Divine purpose.

I was over feeling insecure, blocked and basically dead inside.

Sound familiar? Ready to tune in and turn on?


  1. Embodying true unconditional Self-Love.

  2. Reclaiming your erotic innocence & pleasure for YOU.
  3. Learning to be in your body and trusting your inner wisdom. 

I know these keys work because I’ve danced down the Pussy Path of pleasure & purification. I get what it’s like at a visceral level to find my innate aliveness & power in my body after a decade plus of searching for it in numbing addictions.

This program gives you the tools & support that helped me become an embodied woman. It includes a unique blend of sacred Taoist & Tantric practices paired with modern coaching, neuroscience and positive psychology to create lasting transformation while re-wiring your nervous system with the love & support you need to thrive. Plus a hint of the Law of Attraction thrown in there… for supercharged manifestation powers of course.

Which gives you the best of both worlds; the practical and the mystical.

Creating integration in mind, body and spirit.

Helping you heal past wounds and embody your wholeness to light up with pleasure, freedom & magic in ALL areas your life.

❝ Amy is an intuitive, deeply caring powerhouse who has been walking the walk ever since I’ve known her. She has the kind of trustable compassion that is hard-won, and she is a deep well of embodied wisdom. I have seen her face into her challenges head on, over and over, and bring that same kind of love and commitment to her private clients. Any woman looking to improve her self-love, bring out her inner badass, or go deeper into her sexual healing would be lucky to work with her.❞

~ Jordan Gray, Sex & Relationship Coach 

THE BLOG // Latest musings & videos

Men, We Need You.

Men we need your HELP if we are to heal and rise TOGETHER. I have been feeling a message from the collective Feminine flow through me all day. Pulsating in my bones and reverberating through my cells. It still scares me to speak my truth. Not knowing how it will be...

What I Have to Say About Women Who “Sexualize” Themselves

Yesterday a man commented on this photograph and asked, "Why sexualize yourself while telling others to accept who they are? #metoo"   My response?   Because I AM A SEXUAL BEING. And so are you. No matter where you are at in your sexual healing journey....

A Poem ~ I Will Love You Fiercely

A POEM ~ I WILL LOVE YOU FIERCELY I will love you fiercely Even with tear streaked cheeks And a disarmed heart In your mess  In your grumps Through self-doubt When you think  You're too much Or not enough Fearing no one  Will be there When the walls go up I will still...

What Makes a Woman Radiant?

When a woman is at home in her body she radiates.   While running my errands today this was reflected to me twice. First by a man at a cross walk. As he approached me I felt a bit nervous. He was potentially homeless and behaving erratically, clearly bothering...

I Can Feel My Pussy… What’s Your Super Power?

You want to know something wild? I'm 28 years old and I'm JUST starting to embody being a woman. Why is that? In our culture we aren't initiated into our womanhood. Often times our parents don't even explain puberty to us (it's not there fault... no one taught them...

Unfuck Yourself

"Unfuck Yourself- Be who you were before all that shit happened that dimmed your fucking shine."   And what if the answer to unfucking yourself is by fucking yourself? I'm talking self-pleasure baby (aka masturbation) So much shame, disgust & pain can be...

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