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Personal development is about to get a whole lot sexier…

Custom 1:1 coaching programs to embody your Feminine Power in love, sex & life.

A supportive container for female heart-centered entrepreneurs, healers, coaches, creatives and visionaries looking to fully commit to their purpose and come into their power. It’s time to connect to your soul’s essence and express your unique magic in the world. Find your voice, embody your truth and move through resistance. The world needs your light!

A sensual self-love transformation for the girl who’s drained, overwhelmed and living from her masculine.  You’re ready to let go and surrender to your feminine flow. Learn to supercharge your magnetism by getting out of your head and into your body. Perfect for the lady looking to attract love, collaborations or clients from being not doing.

Melt through sexual shame, blocks and body insecurities to unleash your orgasmic wild woman within. A call to all conscious women who are ready to reclaim their birthright to ecstatic bliss and mind-blowing sacred pleasure. Awaken your aliveness and freedom… in the bedroom and in life!

ABOUT // Meet Amy

Heyyyyy girl! I’m Amy.

I’m excited you’re here!

This space is dedicated to The Divine Feminine Revolution.

I’m a Feminine Empowerment Coach and Holistic Pleasure Teacher who found this path through my own healing journey. But first and foremost I’m a creative. And becoming embodied and free in my expression was the medicine my soul needed to come back to wholeness after years of bullying and self-abuse.

It’s my mission now to midwife the rise of Goddess Consciousness on this planet. So that women can have access to their personal liberation and create lives that feel pleasurable.

And it starts by finding your Sovereign Essence within. Because at your core you’re already a  Queen.

You’ll find lots of  goodies on this site that lead you back to badassery, unconditional self-love and radical self-expression. With a focus on embodiment and turn on. Because when we’re connected to our bodies and pleasure, we’re connected to our truth.

May you find the inspiration and guidance you need here to reclaim your power, pleasure and purpose.

A life of succulent magic awaits you! 

PRAISE // What people are saying

“Amy is all things magical yet grounded.

You can bring anything to her and it will be held with a great depth of loving compassion. Her presence has helped me transform deep subconscious blocks while bringing me back to my own inner wisdom again and again.

She’s truly the embodiment of feminine power, which is how you will feel after working with her too. “

Samantha Skelly

Entrepreneur + Emotional Eating Expert, Hungry For Happiness

“She is both this delightful, playful, fun woman to work with & she’s also deeply knowledgeable & grounded.”

“She’s helped me grow into my femininity & into my sense of womanhood that’s helped translate into other areas of my life. I feel much more confident in relationships.  Much more confident in the fullness of who I am.  And much more deeply integrated.”

Hilary Kern

Mind-Body Psychotherapist + Expressive Arts Therapist + Sex, Love & Relationship Coach, Hilary Kern

“Amy is an intuitive, deeply caring powerhouse who has been walking the walk ever since I’ve known her.

She has the kind of trustable compassion that is hard-won, and she is a deep well of embodied wisdom.

Any woman looking to improve her self-love, bring out her inner badass, or go deeper into her sexual healing would be lucky to work with her.“

Jordan Gray

Sex + Relationship Coach, Jordan Gray Consulting

THE BLOG // Latest musings & videos

Men, We Need You.

Men we need your HELP if we are to heal and rise TOGETHER. I have been feeling a message from the collective Feminine flow through me all day. Pulsating in my bones and reverberating through my cells. It still scares me to speak my truth. Not knowing how it will be...

What I Have to Say About Women Who “Sexualize” Themselves

Yesterday a man commented on this photograph and asked, "Why sexualize yourself while telling others to accept who they are? #metoo"   My response?   Because I AM A SEXUAL BEING. And so are you. No matter where you are at in your sexual healing journey....

A Poem ~ I Will Love You Fiercely

A POEM ~ I WILL LOVE YOU FIERCELY I will love you fiercely Even with tear streaked cheeks And a disarmed heart In your mess  In your grumps Through self-doubt When you think  You're too much Or not enough Fearing no one  Will be there When the walls go up I will still...

What Makes a Woman Radiant?

When a woman is at home in her body she radiates.   While running my errands today this was reflected to me twice. First by a man at a cross walk. As he approached me I felt a bit nervous. He was potentially homeless and behaving erratically, clearly bothering...

I Can Feel My Pussy… What’s Your Super Power?

You want to know something wild? I'm 28 years old and I'm JUST starting to embody being a woman. Why is that? In our culture we aren't initiated into our womanhood. Often times our parents don't even explain puberty to us (it's not there fault... no one taught them...

Unfuck Yourself

"Unfuck Yourself- Be who you were before all that shit happened that dimmed your fucking shine."   And what if the answer to unfucking yourself is by fucking yourself? I'm talking self-pleasure baby (aka masturbation) So much shame, disgust & pain can be...

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