A Poem ~ Who You Truly Are

Amy Meraki



do not let the stories of your past define you

you are not the grief you have felt or the rejection and abandonment

you are not what your bullies called you

or how many or few men you have slept with

you are not your past

do not let shame and guilt hold you back


do not let the ball and chain keep you attached to your stories

you are not how many rules you have broken

or how many you have followed


you are not the awards you have won

or the titles you have collected

or the places you’ve been


you are not how many followers you’ve attracted

or the likes and comments you get

you are not your business

or your personal brand


you are not your clothes, or your car, or your view, or your job

or the roles you must play

you are not your art or your mission

you are not defined by your successes

or your failures


do not let the undones keep you stuck

the woman you will one day become

the woman who has done all her work

the steps you still need to take

paralyzed by comparison

the space between now and one day

one day is now and now is all you’ll ever have


see yourself for who you truly are

beneath the mask of beauty

behind the playful and charming smile

behind the emotion

the fragility

behind the strength

the composure


remember you can be valued

for your mind and heart and body

do not be afraid to own what you were given

but do not think that is all of who you truly are


do not be afraid to let others see you

see you in your darkness

see you in your light

for both have gifts and both are okay


there is a softness in you but there is also an intensity

do not run from that intensity

do not fear that intensity

do not apologize for that intensity

people crave your passion

they are inspired by your guts


if you are not these things then who are you

you are nothing and everything

you are exactly as you are

divine perfection in imperfection

in every breath

in every moment


do not be afraid of your stillness

there is power in stillness

there is presence in stillness

in stillness you find you


but do not forget you are also a Queen


a Queen is not meek

a Queen doesn’t give a fuck

a Queen does not question her power

she isn’t afraid of all that she is and isn’t

she rules her reality and opens herself

she trusts in herself

she trusts in others

and she gives back to the World in ways only a Queen can


you are a Queen

and even then

don’t forget

that is not all of who you truly are


Stay Beautiful,

Amy Meraki





Amy Meraki

Photo by unsplash