A Poem ~ Howl Woman

Amy Meraki

I needed to rage tonight.

I don’t know why and I don’t need to know why.

It started off with a mild agitation.

I felt annoyed at this compulsive buzzing in my body.

It was distracting me from my studies.

I wanted it to fuck off.

Then I caught myself in the act of suppression.

Something we’ve been taught our whole lives.

Something that I am actively working on evolving past.

My focus this year has been self-expression.

Now wasn’t the time to resist.

Whatever was bubbling up needed to be cleared.

I dropped what I was doing.

Called forth my inner beast.

On came the aggressive drum and bass.

Out came the guttural, primal screams.

My fists and teeth sunk into disheveled bedding.

I shook. I danced. I attacked.

I howled like the Wild Woman I am.

The destroyer in me felt free.

The Goddess of Death liberated.

I connected to the anger of all women.

Women who are told to be quiet. Told to play nice. Told to stay small.

Told all the things that are at the root of us thinking we are not enough.

Keeping us from our power. From our passion. From our truth.

I embodied my FUCK YOU fully.

I became the FIRE.

I ignited. I burned. I fumed.

And then…







A rebirth.

Rising from the ashes anew.

Ahhh… I am safe.

I am alive.

I am powerful.

I am free to be all of me.

And you are too.

Howl sister and rise.

Amy Meraki

Amy Meraki

Photo from Unsplash, edited by me.