These past few months I’ve felt  a disconnect from my writing. I just haven’t been getting the urge to express myself as much through blogging.

Which is totally cool. But I didn’t feel that way at first.

For awhile I was beating myself up about it. Making it wrong that I didn’t feel like sharing in this format.

But fighting myself just wasn’t working anymore. It was the opposite of self-love. So I decided to let it be okay that writing wasn’t calling to me as much.

Then what happened? Something pretty magical. When I let go of my attachment to this form of expression, I was able to create space for something else to bubble up in its place.

A few months ago I started getting the desire to create video content. Which believe me…was wayyyyyy out of my comfort zone. But intuitively it felt right. So I went with it.

It became a space for me to stretch and grow and learn about myself and my fears about being on camera. It became a place where I could dismantle my belief of “I have nothing to say”.

I started off just by sharing it on Facebook, then decided to expand it from there when I felt inspired to.

Which was how my Youtube channel was born. I place where I get to share my current form of expression in a new and exciting way! Not to say I won’t still be creating written content, but right now I’m having fun exploring something different.

Fuck Perfection

It’s not perfect. It’s not set up with the fanciest of camera gear and there’s no pro editing… but it’s a start. And that’s all we really need to do! We can figure the rest out as we go.

Even writing this feels a bit vulnerable. I often feel naked documenting my creative process and growth on the internet, but I think it’s valuable to others to see the process in action.  So that you can see what’s possible and what it looks like at every stage of the game. Not just the polished “perfect” end goal.

Where do you hold yourself back from expressing yourself because you don’t feel like it’s good enough “yet”?

Allow yourself to get messy.  Allow yourself to play and explore and create. Allow yourself to grow and try new things.

Your desires are there for a reason.  They are guiding you back home to yourself.

This Week’s Video- How to Move Through Resistance

So here we go.. this week’s video is all about resistance!

That sneaky little force that tries to stop us from becoming more badass.

Whether that’s upleveling in our creativity, business, health or wellness, we’re bound to face some internal resistance when we’ve committed to some major changes.

Here’s a simple two step process that I use to melt through resistance and get back on track with my goals and intentions.

Good stuff to think about as we head into New Years Resolution time too 😉

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I hope you enjoy!

Stay Beautiful,

Amy Meraki




Amy Meraki

Photo from Unsplash, edited by me.