Choose Love

The answer is never to fight separation with more hate.

And in the wake of the recent US election we are still have a choice.

We have the power to choose love or choose fear.

But what does choosing love look like when we are filled with disbelief, grief, disgust, outrage, and panic?

It looks like loving and accepting all parts of ourselves first.

And I mean ALL parts.

Including the darkness and “negativity” that may be bubbling up from within.

Move the energy of anger in a safe space.
Allow your sobs of saddness to flow freely.
Feel your fear fully.

Write. Cry. Dance. Scream. Make art.

Honour your emotions and let them pass without projecting them onto others.

And be GENTLE and LOVE yourself deeply through the process of expression.

Because the part of us that chooses to take action that is in alignment with our highest good, and the highest good of ALL, is always fueled by Love.

And right now more than ever we need to remember that we have the power to make loving choices everyday in our own lives.

Allow this fire to fuel you to stand up for what you believe in by living your life by example. Not by making others wrong.

But we are disempowered to make these heart felt choices when we disown our own pain and shadow. Make ourselves wrong for it. Feel guilty. Suppress it. Push it away. Numb out. Or try to pretend that we are all loving sunshine and rainbows.

Then we become internally divided and create separation within.

All of a sudden one part of us becomes “good” and the other part “bad”.

When we are at war with ourselves internally, then we create that reflection in the World.

That is what we are seeing now. Our division is the result of the suppressed pain of the collective human consciousness.

But when we create a container of self-love to hold every aspect of ourselves in, then we are brought back to wholeness.

When we create unity within we have a better chance of creating unity in our World.

When we find compassion for ourselves then we can extend that compassion to others.

That is what choosing LOVE looks like.

My heart goes out to everyone who is feeling their pain fully today.

You are making a difference.

You are healing yourself and you are healing the World.

I love you.
I see you.
I believe in you

Now is not the time to give up.

Now is the time for us rise together in LOVE.

Stay Beautiful,

Amy Meraki



Amy Meraki

Photo from unspalsh